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Academic Honesty Policy (including Cheating and Plagiarism)

From the KCTCS Code of Student Conduct, KCTCS faculty and students are bound by principles of truth and honesty that are recognized as fundamental for a community of teachers and scholars. The college expects Learners and faculty to honor, and faculty to enforce, these academic principles. The college affirms that it will not tolerate academic dishonesty including, but not limited to, violation of the academic rights of Learners (section 2.0) and student academic offenses and sanctions (section 2.3).

No-Show Class Policy

Federal regulations require HCTC to verify that students receiving financial aid are attending or participating in each class. If a student is not attending or participating in a class, he or she is not eligible to receive financial aid for that class or classes. HCTC uses No-Show process to verify student's attendance in classes.

If a student is confirmed as a No-Show, the student's financial aid will be adjusted and a student will receive aid based upon the actual number of classes the student is attending (this will be less than the amount the student originally was awarded). Additionally, if you decide you do not want to take one or more of your classes after you register for them, make sure you drop them during the drop/add period. To avoid problems with the No-Show process, attend/participate in your classes! It is as simple as that!

Procedures relating to Discrimination, Harassment, and Sexual Misconduct

  1. If a student thinks that he/she has been discriminated against, the student shall inform the chief student affairs officer or his/her designee with thirty (30) calendar days of the occurrence of the alleged incident. The chief student affairs officer or his/her designee shall conduct a preliminary investigation of the discrimination grievance.
  2. The student, chief student affairs officer or his/her designee, and other involved parties shall work informally to negotiate a solution within fourteen (14) calendar days. The informal student discrimination grievance procedure shall be completed within forty-four (44) calendar days of the occurrence of the alleged incident.
  3. If the grievance is not resolved to the satisfaction of the student through the informal grievance procedure, the student may file a formal appeal according to the KCTCS Student Code of Conduct.
  4. If a student feels he/she has been subject to sexual misconduct, those complaints should be made to the College Title IX Coordinator or other college administrator. Such complaints shall be handled in accordance with the Sexual Misconduct Procedure.

End of Program Assessment

Students who are graduating this semester with an AAS technical degree or diploma (that uses an End of Program Assessment such as NOCTI) may be required to complete the assessment before a grade can be assigned for a last semester or capstone course; failure to do so will result in a delay in the awarding of credential. Additionally, most testing centers will verify your identify with a Photo ID and follow proper test center procedures. This can include placing personal items in a locker since phones, notes, or textbooks would not be allowed for use during the test; so leave these items at home or in your car.

Student Evaluation of Instruction

Each fall semester, students will be given the opportunity to complete evaluations of instruction on classes in which they are enrolled. The evaluations of instruction are completed online and only aggregate summaries are shared with the instructor after grades have been submitted. Each spring semester, selected courses are evaluated so you may not complete an evaluation. The student evaluation of instruction is an important process for HCTC to make continuous improvement each year to course offerings. HCTC thanks you in advance for your participation and valuable feedback.

General Education Competencies

Students should prepare for twenty-first century challenges by gaining:
A. Knowledge of human cultures and the physical and natural worlds through study in the sciences and mathematics, social sciences, humanities, histories, languages, and the arts.

B. Intellectual and practical skills, including

  • inquiry and analysis
  • critical and creative thinking
  • written and oral communication
  • quantitative literacy
  • information literacy
  • teamwork and problem solving

C. Personal and social responsibility, including

  • civic knowledge and engagement (local and global)
  • intercultural knowledge and competence
  • ethical reasoning and action
  • foundations and skills for lifelong learning

D. Integrative and applied learning, including synthesis and advanced accomplishment across general and specialized skills.

Basic How-to Information

How to log on to a web-enhanced, web-hybrid, Live Classroom, or Online eLearning course

  1. Point your browser to
  2. Go to the login box in the middle of the window that opens and enter your username and password which is the same to access your email or Learner self-serve account.

How to Check Your KCTCS E-Mail

As a Learner of the KCTCS System, you have been issued a login ID and password. NOTE: this is the same login as the one described with the Logging-on to an eLearning course account. email is an integral part of the distance learning process as well as your everyday process as a Learner of HCTC (Hazard Community and Technical College) as you will receive course information, campus information, registration information, and other related information on your email account. In addition, all of your KCTCS information will come through Learner email.

Click on the following link to check your e-mail:

NOTE: You are required to change your password every 180 days.

Enter your KCTCS (student) ID and password you were provided when prompted in the following format: The login entry (if asked or required) is the domain name (KCTCSACC), followed by a "right slash" (/), ending with the PeopleSoft Learner ID that you were given during registration (first initial + last name + four digit number).

Login: KCTCSACC/jdoe0001
Password: yourpassword (whatever the password is)
*For more information about Learner email, go to the following site:

If you have problems, go to the User Account Center at

How to Drop Your Course

If the class is an in-person course, a drop/add form needs to be completed (with the instructor's permission after midterm) and submitted to the records office (college registrar).

If the class is an online course, students will need to use their KCTCS email to email the instructor at his/her KCTCS email officially requesting permission to withdraw from the course with a "W" grade. Once permission is receive through a response by the instructor to withdraw, the student will print and take, or forward the email, to the appropriate person or office (such as the records office) at your local home college. Please consult with your assigned advisor on the exact procedures at your home college.

Online Course Information

The Internet can be used in multiple ways to deliver instruction, assess learning content, and provide interaction among students and between the instructor and students. Internet instruction can be designed to be accessed by Learners at their convenience.

Student rules and expectations for Online Courses:

  • Students are expected to check their KCTCS email on a regular basis and keep the email Inbox clean. This is to prevent emails from bouncing back. HCTC and its instructors are NOT responsible for undeliverable emails due to exceeded storage limits on learners email account. Keep your Inbox clean.
  • Students are expected to download and/or print and read the course syllabus and send the instructor an email stating the Learner understands the course policies otherwise directed by the instructor). If the Learner does not understand the syllabi, the Learner is to make an appointment with or send questions about the syllabus to their instructor.
  • Students that are NEW to online or distance learning are expected to complete the HCTC DL Orientation at
  • Students are expected to have all course textbooks and supplies by the end of the first week of courses. If you receive financial aid, books can be charged 10 days prior to the course start date.
  • Students are expected to follow the course outline and calendar for due dates. It is strongly suggested that Learners check the course site at least one week prior to the first day of course and continuously throughout the semester as all calendar entries may be tentative.
  • Students are expected to attend all course meetings (if applicable). Web-enhanced courses will have course meetings similar to an in-person course. Web-local may or may not have associated course meetings. Web-Hybrid courses will meet approximately half of the course time and have online work for the other half of the course time. Completely online course typically do not have specified course meetings but may have live classrooms sessions (these are noted with a LC code).

ITV Course Information

This course utilizes interactive television (ITV) as the mode of course delivery. A list of contacts and directions to each site will be made available to all Learners enrolled in ITV courses at the time they receive their syllabus. All ITV courses are web-enhanced. Learners must meet in specified ITV classroom sites. Course instructors have a home site, but must travel to remote sites throughout the semester at least twice per semester.

Student rules and expectations ITV Courses:


  • No food or drink is permitted in ITV classrooms.
  • Learners are expected to listen, respond to questions, and participate in course discussions.
  • Learners must wait for one site to completely finish speaking before beginning additional communication.
  • It is required that Learners remain quiet while other sites are speaking.
  • Conversations at remote sites are only permitted with instructor consent.
  • Upon the event, if ITV is not functioning properly, the primary instructor will provide directions for course make-up.
  • Learners are to remain in the ITV classroom until directions are received from the primary instructor.

Please direct all ITV technical issues or problems to Donna Roark, HCTC Chief Information Officer. Please direct all course issues to Ella Strong, Dean of Distance Learning.



Resource Links

HCTC Academic Calendar:

Learners need to be aware that online state-wide courses (with BW mode) do not necessarily follow the same academic calendar as their home college. To check the HCTC Calendar of dates, go to the following site:

Online Bookstore (for BW mode online courses ONLY):

Test Proctoring:


KCTCS Disability Services:

How to Contact the Blackboard Help and Support Desk


  1. Contact the KCTCS 24/7 Blackboard Service Center at: 1-855-6464282. Issues and problems can also be submitted online at (login and click the Help Tab). If you are unable to login, contact the Help Desk by Phone (number provided above).
  2. Notify your instructor of problems not corrected within 24 hours.
  3. If issues are not corrected after 48 hours contact HCTC DL Help at or by phone at 606-487-3208.

HCTC Contacts

  • Ella Strong, Dean of Distance Learning, phon (606) 487-3208, email for online course or instructor communication issues.
  • Melinda Walters, Instructional Designer/DL Specialist, Phone (606) 487-3511, email 
  • Brad Roberts, DL Specialist, phone (606) 487-3566, email for part-time faculty support, general student support, etc. at the Lees College Campus campus.
  • Julie Caudill-Clark, Disabilities Services Coordinator, phone (606) for 487-3486 email for assisting with accommodations.
  • Donna Roark, Chief Information Officer, phone (606) 487-3128, email for ITV or technology issues in general.
  • Casey Brock, Webmaster, phone (606) 487-3167, email for any web site issues.

HCTC Distance Learning Assistance
For assistance with questions related to course issues or unresolved Blackboard problems, contact any DL staff member:

HCTC Distance Learning Assistance
For assistance with questions related to course issues or unresolved Blackboard problems, contact any DL staff member: