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Accessibility Services

The Accessibility/Disability Services office at HCTC exists to ensure that students with disabilities have equal access and because of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and their subsequent amendments. The office provides a variety of assistive services, which are tailored to individual student needs. Any student with formal documentation of a physical, mental health, and/or learning disability qualifies for services. Students must register with Disability Services to receive any type of accommodations and should never make requests directly to the instructors. If a student chooses not to self-identify, the institution is not obligated to provide accommodations at any point of time.

The process of receiving services through Disability Services involves a few simple steps:

If students request special accommodations in the classroom, both the student and each instructor will receive a formalized email notification detailing the special accommodation needs for each course.

Students must provide documentation for each disability for which accommodations are being requested. Documentation will only need to be submitted once unless an additional disability occurs and accommodations are needed. Please try to meet with the Director of Accessibility Services as soon as possible to allow sufficient time to complete the required paperwork and put your accommodations into place.

If you wish to apply for disability services, please contact the disability coordinator:

Julie Caudill-Clark

Director of Accessibility Services
Hazard Community and Technical College
First Federal Center, 1st Floor, Room 105 
1 Community College Drive
Hazard, KY 41701
Phone: 606-487-3486
Fax: 606-487-3174