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Student Services

Supporting HCTC students every step of the way

At HCTC, your success is our number one priority. That's why we've developed vital campus resources to help you achieve your greatest academic and personal potential.

Deronda Mobelini, Chief Student Services Officer
Phone: (606) 487-3252

Student Ombudsman/Judicial Services

HCTC recognizes the rights of students, and the college provides support for students who may disagree with college policy or who have a grievance. The Student Ombudsman is a student advocate who provides counsel and support for students who may have a conflict. The Ombudsman deals with financial appeals, grade appeals, and Code of Conduct issues. Students are encouraged to ask questions and visit the Ombudsman's office when they have an issue with college policy or procedures.

Every effort is made to provide Ombudsman support at each of our college sites. HCTC's goal is to resolve all appeals and conflicts within a reasonable amount of time. Please contact Nena Eddington, Student Ombudsman, if you have a question about services provided by this office. To contact Nena, you may email her at or call her at 606-487-3311, or stop by her office in Room 207B FFC, First Federal Center, Hazard Campus.

HCTC Student and Staff Health and Wellness

HCTC recognizes the importance of health in our service area. The college is committed to providing information and resources to students, staff, and faculty. HCTC leads our community in addressing the health and lifestyle of the population.

For more information, contact Scott Gross, Director of Recruitment and Student Engagement.
Phone: (606) 487-3528

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