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Student Complaint

The Faculty and Staff of HCTC are committed to providing a quality educational experience, fully supported by a range of academic and administrative services and facilities. However, we also recognize that, occasionally, students may feel aggrieved and need to express their dissatisfaction. When this happens, students have numerous ways to express their dissatisfaction and seek an explanation and solution to their complaint or concern.

Complaints generally are divided into two categories: Academic Rights and Non-Academic Concerns.

Academic Rights

The academic rights of all students are clearly set forth in the KCTCS Code of Student Conduct . The following Code sections delineate right of students and corresponding complaint and appeal procedures related to the rights.


Rights Code
Fundamental Rights Article I Section
Academic Rights Article II Section
Right to Appeal Alleged Academic Offenses Article II Section
Right to Appeal Sanctions for Alleged Non-academic Disciplinary Issues Article III Section
Right to Appeal Sanctions of Alleged Misuse of Computers Article IV Section
Right to Appeal Sanctions Related to Alleged Violations Related to Student Organizations Article V Section

Appendix A of the Code Provides a convenient overview of the student's right and the process to appeal an alleged violation of those rights.

Non-Academic Concerns

HCTC also has developed a Student Complaints Procedure to address complaints related to the college's policies or procedures. The procedure is divided into two components, informal and formal.

The informal Component is an attempt to resolve the complaint at the department/service unit level. if a student believes he/she has a legitimate complaint, the first step should be to contact the individual with whom the student has the complaint. Then if the complaint is not resolved, the student should contact the unit director/head of the department in which the student feels aggrieved.

The formal component is initiated when a Formal Complaint Form is filed by the student. This can be done at any time or at any stage of the informal process. The Formal Complaint Form goes directly to the President/CEO.

Additionally, HCTC's Student Ombudsman is available to help students, both in-person and online, when they have a complaint or other concern. At any time, the student also may contact the Student Ombudsman for assistance or guidance with the informal complaint process. The Student Ombudsman works closely with the student and any involved unity involved with the complaint or concern. The Student Ombudsman also may refer the student to processes under the Code.

Other Types of Complaints

Complaints Related to Sexual Misconduct
Complaints relating to sexual misconduct should be made to the College Title IX Coordinator or other college administrator. Such Complaints shall be handled in accordance with the KCTCS Sexual Misconduct Procedure. The Vice President for Student Services is the HCTC Title IX Coordinator.

Student Discrimination Grievance Procedures
Student who feels they may have been discriminated against or subject to harassment by students or employees because of their race, color, national origin, sex/gender, sexual orientation, marital status, religion, beliefs, political affiliation, veteran status, age, or disability (including denial of a request for an accommodation) have the right to pursue an informal and/or formal discrimination grievance. The informal student discrimination grievance procedure is described in KCTCs Administrative Policies and Procedures 6.6. If the grievance is not resolved to the satisfaction of the student through the informal grievance procedure, the student may file a formal appeal according to the KCTCS Code of Student Conduct.

Complaints under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
Complaints relating to the ADA or applicable state and local laws that forbid discrimination in employment against qualified individuals with disabilities should be made to the Senior Director of Human Resources. Such complaints will be handled in accordance with the KCTCS administrative Policies and Procedures 3.3.1. This policy applies to all employees, including student-employees.

State Appeal Process

The Kentucky Council on Postsecondary Education (CPE) serves as the coordinating agency for postsecondary education in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. The CPE is authorized under state law to address complaints about Hazard Community and Technical College (HCTC), provided the student has taken steps to exhaust HCTC’s grievance process (see above).  Students should attempt to resolve the complaint through the established protocol at Hazard Community and Technical College before contacting CPE.

Kentucky Council on Postsecondary Education
1024 Capital Center Dr. #320
Frankfort, KY 40601-7512