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Transfer Myths

Know the facts about transfer!

Myth #1: I can't afford to earn a bachelor's degree.

Federal financial aid is available for bachelor's degrees. Federal financial aid will pay for the equivalent of 12 full-time semesters toward the completion of bachelor's degree; this includes any coursework taken at the community college level. to see if you qualify, complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. Additionally, most Kentucky schools also offer transfer scholarships - and some of those are for KCTCS students only!

Myth #2: My credits won't transfer.

Four-year schools accept HCTC credits! Talk to a Transfer Advisor about how your credits apply toward a four-year degree. For assistance with transfer, contact Helen Brunty in the University Center of the Mountains at
Bobby Collins
email :  
Phone: 606-487-3059

Myth #3: My friends know what they're talking about.

Things change quickly and sometimes people misunderstand information; also, not everyone has the same experiences and needs. Talk to an academic advisor about transferring because they have access to the latest, most accurate information.

Myth #4: It doesn't matter what courses I take.

The courses you take do matter in the transfer process. Earning an Associate of Art or Science Degree and earning General Education certification can really make the transfer process easier - and help you graduate sooner! When you have chosen a major and the school you plan to transfer to, an advisor can help you develop a plan for the classes you will need to transfer successfully. Planning early will help prevent taking courses you don t need.

Myth #5: Transferring is too overwhelming.

Each year, students transfer from Hazard Community & Technical College to four-year institutions to earn their bachelor's degrees. Visit the University Center of the Mountains (UCM) to learn which bachelor programs are available on the HCTC Hazard Campus, as well as off-campus options at schools across the state - or across the country!