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How to Submit an Assignment in Blackboard

In addition to the video above a step by step guide to submitting your assignment is provided below.

Step by Step Guide to Submitting an Assignment to Black Board

Click on the assignment in Blackboard

Scroll down on the right-hand side to the "View Assessment" button and click it.
Once inside the assignment, scroll down until you see the "Add Content" button.
If you are required to type information for assignment, use the text box editor to type what you need to fulfill the requirement.  This step may be optional depending upon the assignment.  
If you are required to upload an attachment, document, picture, or other type of electronic submission, use the paper clip icon or the plus icon to add the documents or links you need to complete the requirements.  Click “Save” to save your attachments.
Once you have typed and/or uploaded your requirements, you should see your response and any files you uploaded in the Blackboard Submission area.  Click “Submit” when you are ready to submit your assignment.
You will be prompted with a pop-up dialog box asking if you want to confirm your assignment submission.  Click “Cancel” if you need to make any edits or click “Submit” again if you are ready to submit the assignment.
You may check to see if your assignment submitted correctly by clicking on the assignment again from your course home screen.  You should see the assignment as submitted.  At this point, it may need to be graded or it may have automatically given you a grade.  Alternatively, you can also check for submissions by going to the gradebook, looking for the column for the assignment you just submitted, and checking to make sure it successfully uploaded.  The gradebook will indicate a score or that you have an assignment awaiting grading.