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Parking & Transportation

Parking is open and free to all students, employees and visitors at all campus locations. HCTC provides designated parking spaces for disability parking. These parking spaces are specifically designated for use by those who have permanent or temporary physical impairments that substantially limit mobility. Use of these spaces requires a state issued tag/license plate.

HCTC parking areas are monitored by local law enforcement. If students are parked in the accessible parking areas without displaying a state issued tag they can receive a ticket from local law enforcement.

Students are encouraged to park in appropriately designated areas. Parking outside of parking lines, in fire lanes or double parking will result in a ticket from local law enforcement.

Parking Guidelines

  1. No vehicle may be parked or left unattended in any roadway, driveway, loading or unloading area. Vehicles may not block a sidewalk at any time. Parking is prohibited in any area designated as a "no parking" area by sign or curb/space painting. Parking on grass is strictly prohibited and no vehicle may occupy more than one space.

  2. Only visitors may occupy spaces designated as "visitor parking." Faculty, staff, students, food service employees, etc., are all considered members of Hazard Community and Technical College and are not permitted to park in the visitor spaces.

  3. All parking regulations of the College and state laws of Kentucky must be obeyed at all times while parking on campus.

  4. No person shall park in a designated handicapped space without a state issued handicapped placard. Violators are subject to a fine by local police up to $50.00.

  5. If a vehicle is parked that interferes with the safe flow of traffic or poses a safety concern to the community, that vehicle will be subject to tow at the owner's expense.

  6. The speed limit on campus is 5 M.P.H. in college parking lots.

  7. All vehicle operators are required to obey directions given to them by college officials or local law enforcement official.