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Radiography Curriculum

Hazard Community & Technical College/
Southeast Kentucky Community & Technical College

Associate Degree in Applied Science
Regional Radiography Program Curriculum

*Pre-requisite for entry into the program:
(Must be completed prior to taking IMG 100)

* Bio 137/139 Human Anatomy & Physiology I & II 8

General Education Requirements
(General education courses can be completed while active in the Regional Radiography Program)

MA 109 College Algebra OR 3
MT 150 College Algebra & Functions OR (3)
MAT 150 College Algebra OR (3)
  Higher Level Quantitative Reasoning Course (3)
ENG 101 Writing I 3
PHY 171 Applied Physics OR 4
PHY 172 Physics for Health Sciences OR (2)
PHY 152 Introduction to Physics (3)
CLA 131 Medical Terminology from Greek and Latin OR 3
AHS 115 Medical Terminology OR (3)
AHS 120 Medical Terminology (1)
  Heritage/Humanities 3
  Social/Behavioral Sciences 3
  Subtotal: 23-27

Please Note: Documentation of computer literacy as defined by KCTCS is required prior to admission to IMG Courses. Competency exam or college level courses: CIS 100, CIT 105, OST 105, CAD 103, DLC 100, IMD 100 or VCC 150.

Additional General Education: (Highly Recommended for Transfer Purposes)
PSY 223 Developmental Psychology
ENG 102 Writing II

Radiography Program Requirements

First Year

First Semester

IMG 100 Radiography I 7
IMG 101 Radiography I Clinical 4

Second Semester

IMG 110 Radiography II 7
IMG 111 Radiography II Clinical 4

Second Year

Summer Session 

IMG 201 Radiography III Clinical 3

First Semester


IMG 210 Radiography IV 4
IMG 211 Radiography IV Clinical 6

Second Semester

IMG 220 Radiography V 4
IMG 221 Radiography V Clinical 6
Subtotal: 45
Total Credit Hours 68-72

(The curriculum requires course attendance in the fall, spring and summer semesters).

*A CPR certification must be obtained prior to the beginning of IMG 100 and certification must be kept current throughout the program.

*Evidence of receiving the Hepatitis B Vaccine Series or a Vaccine Declination Form must be submitted to the Program Faculty prior to beginning IMG 100.