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HCTC announces Deans List for full-time students

The following full-time Hazard Community and Technical College students were named to the Dean s List for the spring 2013 semester. To be named to the Dean s List a student must have attained a grade average of 3.5 or higher on a 4.0 scale.

Those honored are:

Anderson County - Wesley Wilder of Clinton.

Breathitt County - Courtney Abner of Jackson, Lisa Back of Jackson, Justin Baker of Jackson, Mallie Barnett of Jackson, Janice Benham of Lost Creek, Kimberly Blevins of Jackson, Travis Brashear of Lost Creek, Lisa Burrows of Jackson, Rebecca Campbell of Jackson, Shavon Campbell of Jackson, David Collier of Jackson, Jonathan Collins of Lost Creek, Glen Combs of Lost Creek, Theresa Combs of Lost Creek, Amanda Dunn of Campton, Jennifer Dunn of Whick, Zachary Epperson of Lost Creek, Richard Henson of Vancleve, Danielle Herald of Lost Creek, Jamie Herald of Jackson, Sabrina Herrington of Jackson, Amy Hollins of Jackson, Christopher Howard of Jackson, Janet Little of Lost Creek, Larry Little of Lost Creek.

And, Lindsey Lucas of Jackson, Loni Lucas of Jackson, Jeremy Moore of Whick, Robert Moore of Jackson, Jordan Mullins of Lost Creek, Donna Newcomb of Jackson, Alexander Noble of Jackson, Jennifer Noble of Clayhole, Justin Ritchie of Jackson, Kristie Ritchie of Jackson, Kari Roark of Jackson, Victoria Shouse Neace of Lost Creek, Clairissa Southwood of Jackson, Nathan Strong of Jackson, Candice Taulbee of Jackson, Ashley Terry of Vancleve, Vickie Thorpe of Jackson, Kendra Tolson of Jackson, Brent Turner of Jackson, Donald Turner of Jackson, Jamie Turner of Jackson, Michael Turner of Jackson, Robert Walker of Vancleve, Ashley Watts of Jackson.

Clay County - Chester Collet of Big Creek, Tammy Davis of Manchester, Felix Gilbert of Big Creek, Jamie Hoskins of Big Creek, Amethyst Jones of Manchester, Shaun Smith of Big Creek.

Floyd County - Brittany Brown of Prestonsburg, Andrea Conn of Mc Dowell, Christian Francis of Garrett, Lauren Howard of Garrett, Joshua Huff of Lackey, Rebecca Keathley of Harold, Marilyn Walker of East Point.

Harlan County - Jonni Bowman of Closplint.

Knott County - Jamie Adams of Fisty, Crystal Amburgey of Leburn, Jordan Amburgey of Pine Top, Keisha Amburgey of Mallie, Kyle Amburgey of Leburn, Janet Ashley of Pippa Passes, Matthew Bentley of Mousie, William Bentley of Littcarr, Michael Blair of Mallie, Melissa Bush of Leburn, Ashley Caudill of Mousie, Robert Caudill of Hindman, Kevin Collins of Mallie, Jimmie Combs Jr of Fisty, Jordan Cornett of Hindman, Kenneth Dixon of Mousie, Mathew Eversole of Mallie, Rhonda Eversole of Mallie, Pari Fields of Emmalena, Cody Franklin of Emmalena, Lucas Gayhart of Kite, Billy Helton of Fisty, Alyssa Howard of Topmost, Nathan Jacobs of Hindman, Hillary Kelley of Leburn, Macie Mosley of Carrie, Jason Perry of Leburn, Clinton Revis of Hindman, Nason Roberts of Hindman, Robert Sammons of Mallie, Kendra Short of Mousie, Jerry Sizemore of Sassafras, Tiffany Skiles of Sassafras, Carol Slone of Mousie, Charles Slone of Mousie, Kayla Slone of Kite, Vanessa Thornsberry of Raven, Brooke Watts of Mousie, Elizabeth White of Fisty, Michael White of Hindman, Steven White of Hindman, Seth Williams of Hindman.

Knox County - Joel Harvey of Corbin.

Lee County - Tammy Bishop of Beattyville, Samantha Bowman of Beattyville, Kelsea Combs of Beattyville, Tammy Evans of Beattyville, Hallie Howard of Beattyville, Linda Noble of Beattyville, Crystal Ritchie, Joshua Roberts, all of Beattyville.

Leslie County - Richard Adams of Hyden, Ashley Asher of Stinnett, Caitlin Baker of Wooton, Mary Baker of Smilax, Kayla Caudill of Hyden, Aleshia Church of Wooton, Johnathan Couch of Hyden, Paul Day of Wooton, Chelsie Disney of Stinnett, Cassaundra Fee of Hyden, Derek Fields of Smilax, Dylan Hacker of Hyden, Kayla Hoard of Hyden, Andrew Jackson of Hyden, Eric Kilburn of Wooton, Paige Maggard of Hyden, Jessica Napier of Wooton, Joyce Pence of Hyden, Jason Shepherd of Roark, Kayla Shepherd of Yeaddiss, Debra Sturgill of Wooton, Denia Turner of Wooton, Sierra Wells of Smilax, William White of Smilax.

Letcher County - Joshua Adams of Letcher, Myrika Begley of Mayking, Stephen Boggs of Whitesburg, Ernest Brown of Blackey, Tiffani Caudill of Blackey, Andrew Dixon of Hallie, Eric Hall of Neon, Briana Holbrook of Neon, Ashley Johnson of Neon, Bobby Kincer of Mayking, Charles Nelson of Whitesburg, Granite Ratliff of Jenkins, Wendell Sayers of Whitesburg, Charles Shuffler of Hallie, Halley Watts of Cornettsville, David Williams of Neon, Matthew Wynn of Whitesburg.

Montgomery County - Nakeisha Wooton of Clarksville.

Morgan County - Michael Fugate of Ezel.

Owsley County - Candice Bowman, Linda Flannery, Shana Marshall, Rosa McQueen, Felecia Million, Ervin Reynolds, Brittany Smith, Tanya Tirey, Jacqueline Vires, all of Booneville.

Perry County - Barbara Adkins of Viper, Christine Amburgey of Hazard, Erica Anderson of Hazard, Danny Asher Jr. of Hazard, Brook Back of Buckhorn, Virgil Baker of Bonnyman, Crystal Banks of Vicco, Michael Bargo II of Hazard, Joshua Barrett of Hazard, David Bishop of Hazard, Larry Bowling of Hazard, Robert Brashear of Jeff, Robert Brigman of Hazard, Steven Bryant of Bonnyman, Christian Callihan of Hazard, Kelsey Campbell of Chavies, Candace Carpenter of Bonnyman, Mary Carter of Hazard, Vivian Hurt Caudill of Vicco, Corissa Caudill of Viper, Eunice Caudill of Hazard, Jimmy Caudill of Bulan, Jordan Chandler of Bulan, James Childers of Viper.

And, London Clemons of Bonnyman, Donald Coleman of Viper, Adam Collier of Cornettsville, Joshua Collins of Happy, Jeffery Combs of Happy, Rachel Combs of Happy, Stephanie Combs of Vicco, Daricka Conley of Hazard, Daniel Cornett of Hazard, Braxton Couch of Bonnyman, Ernest Couch of Saul, Melanie Couch of Bonnyman, Alexis Creech of Hazard, Stephen Davidson of Hazard, Donald Davis of Hazard, Summer Dawhare of Hazard, David Deaton of Ary, James Deaton of Bulan, Corbett Dixon of Busy, Harold Dixon of Hazard, Brittney Engle of Vicco, Brittany Eversole of Buckhorn, Elizabeth Farler of Viper, Ray Fletcher of Avawam, Marie Francis of Hazard, Sean Fryman of Bonnyman.

Also, Diana Fugate of Bonnyman, Ashley Gamble of Vicco, Mark Garry of Chavies, William Gayhart of Hazard, Brittany Gibson of Bonnyman, Megan Godsey of Bulan, Albert Gould of Hazard, Gina Green of Bonnyman, Amber Griffie of Hazard, Shawncey Grigsby of Bonnyman, Brandy Halcomb of Hazard, Dustin Hall of Viper, Mary Hammonds of Hazard, Andrew Holbrook of Bonnyman, Lester Holbrook of Cornettsville, Carrie Jent of Hazard, Robert Jewell of Bonnyman, Nehemiah Johnson of Hazard, Angela Jones of Bulan, Angeline Jones of Chavies, Daniel Jones of Hazard, Dustin Jones of Ary, Gwendolyn Joseph of Hazard.

And, Tiffany Joseph of Hazard, Teresa Keith of Hazard, Eric Kilburn of Bonnyman, Jessalyn Lockhart of Hazard, James Lucas of Hazard, James Madden of Rowdy, Shelia Mayhew of Slemp, Jerry McCray of Viper, Dana Mcintosh of Chavies, Christy Melton of Hazard, Talmon Merrill of Cornettsville, Mary Miller of Hazard, Dustin Morris of Buckhorn, Laura Mosley of Hazard, Mary Moss of Hazard, Jennifer Mullins of Busy, Leslie Napier of Hazard, Orphia Napier of Hazard, Richard Napier of Hazard, Taylor Napier of Hazard, Fred Neace of Rowdy, Samuel Pence of Viper, Kaitlyn Perry of Hazard, Deborah Potter of Hazard.

Also, Ronald Potter of Hazard, Vonda Pratt of Ary, Tiffany Quinlan of Hazard, Bridgett Riddle of Hazard, Michael Ritchie of Hazard, Natasha Ritchie of Hazard, Ronald Roberts of Bulan, John Robertson of Hazard, Cassandra Sexton of Cornettsville, Brooke Simpson of Chavies, Rodney Slone of Combs, Anna Smith of Bonnyman, Emilee Smith of Viper, Justin Stacy of Rowdy, Daniel Stidham of Bulan, Malissa Strong of Hazard.

And, Nyoka Thompson of Happy, Jacob Tucker of Bonnyman, Bobby Turner of Hazard, Jessica Turner of Avawam, Kerri Turner of Busy, Teresa Turner of Chavies, Keith Walker of Hazard, Justin Wallace of Hazard, Shawna Walls of Happy, Joseph Warren of Bonnyman, Sasha Watts of Hazard, Sarah Webb of Hazard, Shelly Wells of Vicco, Christopher Whitt of Hazard, Carolyn Williams of Hazard, Ginger Williams of Hazard, Emily Wilson of Viper, Chenoa Wooton of Cornettsville, Alisa Young of Hazard.

Pike County - Brittney Jones of Pikeville, Cindy McCoy of Kimper, Lee Smallwood of Pikeville, Safia Sword of Pikeville.

Spencer County - Jacob Sterling of Dale.

Whitley County - Stacie Reedy-Harris of Corbin.

Wolfe County - Kevin Caldwell of Campton, Chelsea Dunn of Campton, Susan Glover of Hazel Green, Season Keeton of Hazel Green, Michael Miller of Campton, Kayla Perry of Campton, Samantha Walker of Campton, Kristin Wilson of Campton.

Woodford - William Padgett of Versailles.

Outside Kentucky - Hannah Everage of North Canton, Ohio.