HCTC 2020 graduates | HCTC

HCTC 2020 graduates

Hazard Community and Technical College announces 2,095 credentials were awarded during the 2019-2020 academic year to a total of 983 students. Of the 2,095 number, 398 were degrees, 89 were diplomas, and 1,608 were certificates. A tentative graduation date is set for October 3. Those graduating, by county, are:

Barrett County - Makayla Lynn Calhoun of Scottsville, Kacey Lane O'Neal of Glasgow, and Terry Joe O'Neal of Glasgow.

Bell County - Buffy Dunnaville of Middlesboro, Jonathan Daniel Henderson of Frakes, Joseph E. Jones of Middlesboro, Cynthia Lowe of Middlesboro, Lucas Robert McBee of Stoney Fork, Tomi Shanda Violet of Middlesboro, and Joshua Wayne Weaver of Middlesboro.

Boone County - Austin Joseph Ryan of Verona.

Boyd County - Joseph Gary Adkins of Ashland.

Breathitt County - Nicholas Adams of Lost Creek, Karen Jo Back of Jackson, Emily Rose Baker of Jackson, Patricia Sue Baker of Lost Creek, Jordan Kyle Barnett of Jackson, Justin Scott Bowling of Jackson, Brianna Louise Brewer of Jackson, Hunter Brooks Brewer of Bays, Kaylan Savannah Nicole Brewer of Jackson, Taylor Rhea Ann Brown of Jackson, Darren James Campbell of Lost Creek, Sammy J. Campbell of Clayhole, Teresa Lynn Campbell of Lost Creek, Deidra Diane Castro of Vancleve, Hallie Marie Caudill of Jackson, Kelsie Jo Childers of Jackson, Audrey Cailin Clemons-Combs of Jackson, Randall Jerome Combs of Jackson, Selena Renee Combs of Jackson, Thomas Lee Combs of Jackson, Vicey Ann Combs of Clayhole, Aubry Elese Coomer of Jackson.

And, Crystal Ann Curtiss of Jackson, Mary Elder of Jackson, Tiffany Louise Epperson of Jackson, Elizabeth Fugate of Lost Creek, Jessica Marie Fugate of Jackson, Kayla Danyale Fugate of Jackson, Missouri Wynd Gay of Jackson, Kelli Raelynn Gillum of Jackson, Santana M. Gross of Jackson, Alex Christian Gullett of Jackson, Brianna Haddix of Jackson, Dakota Cheyenne Hall of Jackson, Sarah E. Hamilton of Jackson, Peyton Elizabeth Hensley of Vancleve, Jonathan Hounshell of Jackson, Thomas Chandler Howard of Jackson, Madison Talmesha Hudson of Jackson, Mima Jean Imhoff of Jackson, John P. Jones of Jackson, David D. Marinelli of Lost Creek, Alexis Faith McIntosh of Jackson, Matthew MaCoy McIntosh of Jackson, Rachelle McIntosh of Jackson, Dustin Lee Miske of Jackson, Jarrod Brandon Morgan of Jackson, Stephinie Nichole Mullins of Jackson, Travis Shane Nichols of Jackson, Lindsay Nicole Noble of Jackson.

Also, Lukas Noble of Jackson, Sondra Louise Noble of Lost Creek, Sarah Ortiz of Jackson, Trenton Eugene Pelfrey of Jackson, Katherine Ann Marie Faith Petty of Jackson, Chloe J. Richart of Vancleve, Gary Nicholas Riley of Jackson, Leslie Chase Robertson of Jackson, Shanoah Katelynn Rohr of Jackson, Hunter Thomas Sallie of Jackson, Andrew Garrett Sewell of Jackson, Kenneth Brian Short of Jackson, Ashley Nicole Slone of Jackson, Clairissa Kellyn Southwood of Jackson, Whittney Page Spicer of Vancleve, Carly Weston Strong of Whick, Terrance Dayle Strong of Jackson, Brianna Nora Nicole Sword of Jackson, Eddie Dean Sword of Jackson, Sierra Glenna Taulbee of Jackson, Troy T. Thomas of Jackson, Albert Dean Turner of Jackson, Jerrica Elizabeth Turner of Jackson, Jennifer E. Wagers of Vancleve, Adrian L. Williams of Jackson, Brittany N. Wilson of Lost Creek, Emmanuel Higgins Wilson of Lost Creek, Regina Whitely of Jackson, and Caryl Faye Pagmanoja Zita of Vancleve.

Butler County - Billy Manson Corley of Morgantown.

Campbell County - Caitlin Rochelle Mayes of Alexandria.

Carter County - Logan Zane Adkins of Olive Hill, Jacob David Bays of Olive Hill, and Blake Anthony Rogers of Grayson.

Christian County - Melisa Morgan of Hopkinsville and James Edward Morris of Gunlock.

Clark County - Natasha Nicole Short of Winchester and Joseph Dwight Burkhart of Sextons Creek.

Clay County - Leah Collins of Manchester, Andrew Couch of Manchester, Kylie Danielle Reid of Manchester, Jason Duane Roberts of Manchester, Rodney Tyler Sizemore of Manchester, and Megan Smith of Goose Rock.

Davies County - Sara Marie Burden and Chancey Blake Combs, both of Owensboro.

Elliott County - Regina Whitely of Jackson.

Estill County - Kaden Wayne Arthur and Christopher Garrett Hall, both of Irvine.

Fayette County - Marty Austin Phillips of Lexington.

Fleming County - Jessica Boggs of Ewing.

Floyd County - Kaitlyn Susan Bolen of Garrett, Kimberly Nicole Bowling of Tram, Courtney Chaffins of Martin, Joanna Chaffins of Leburn, Jessica Lynn Crager of Garrett, Chasity Brooke Davis of Hueysville, Alexis M. Hall of Wayland, Autumn Dawn Handshoe of Hueysville, Alexandra F. Howard of Garrett, Allison Gail Hutchinson of Hi Hat, Kelli Nicole Kilburn of Garrett, Austin Bradley Lawson of Langley, Brittney Faye Maynard of Prestonsburg, Kasey Moore of Hueysville, Madison Makayla Moore of Prestonsburg, Brittany Dawn Mynhier of Wheelwright, Johna Lasha Pack of Eastern, Dylan Blake Ramey of Garrett, and Katarina Reffitt of Martin.

Green County - Jesse Clayton Meador,John Paul Meador, Shelane Ann O'Neal, and Jordan Tucker, all of Greensburg.

Hancock County - Daren E. Kinsey of Lewisport.

Hardin County - Nicholas Wayne Adams of Sonora and Tammy Y. Eaves-Bridgeford of Radcliff.

Harlan County - Dakota Alred of Pineville, Richard Allan Barnard of Wallins Creek, Mary Jo Bush of Evarts, Julie Launa Collins of Cawood, Joshua Adam Combs of Baxter, Garry K. Cox of Loyall, Haley Brianne Cox of Evarts, Christopher Allen Daniels of Coldiron, Timothy Brandon Daniels of Wallins Creek, Brandon R. Dollarhyde of Wallins Creek, Chuck Eldridge of Benham, Jimmy L. Eldridge of Closplint, Amber Casey Fee of Evarts, Justin C. Gooden of Evarts, Daniel P. Griffin of Pathfork, Christy Rae Haddix of Jackson, Brittany Leann Holbrook of Ages Brookside, Ryan Michael Howard of Wallins Creek, Kameron A. Madon of Loyall, Isaiah Pugh of Whitesburg, Brent C. Raleigh of Cumberland, Ronald Todd Ray of Bledsoe, Clarence J. Reed of Harlan, Joshua Charles Tabor of Cumberland, David H. Vaughn of Harlan, James E. Ward of Evarts, Lonnie Wayne Whitehead of Bledsoe, Christy Michelle Wilkinson of Evarts, and William J. Wilson of Baxter.

Jackson County - Braxton M. Wilson of Tyner.

Jefferson County - Kelsey Leigh Ann White of Louisville.

Johnson County - Holly Danielle Akers of Paintsville, Christina Beth Butcher of Paintsville, Marcie Lynn Heinz of Kite, Salem Dashaye Piercey of Paintsville, Michelle Price of Boons Camp, Joshua Dale Saylor of Hagerhill, Denise V. Scott-Dixon of Paintsville, Bryce Michael Tyler Workman of Paintsville, and John Habib Zeidan of Hagerhill.

Kenton County - Nicholas Robert Fredricks of Independence and Justin Lee House of Morning View.

Knott County - Lista Renee Adams of Red Fox, Michael Patrick Adams of Red Fox, Stanford C. Adams of Sassafras, Brittany Nicole Ashley of Vicco, Hannah Brooke Baker of Sassafras, Steven A. Banks of Topmost, Zachary Jeremiah Banks of Littcarr, Jacob Andrew Bingham of Hindman, Athena Shaylee Calhoun of Hindman, Justin Darrell Calhoun of Vest, Laikyne S. Calhoun of Kite, Tiffany Marie Campbell of Kite, Chabela Faith Cano of Garner, Peyton L. Carver of Littcarr, Hannah Faith Caudill of Littcarr, Carvin Collins, Jr. of Leburn, Aaron Blake Combs of Mousie, Alger Daniel Combs of Emmalena, Cody Lawrence Combs of Pine Top, Hannah Chantal Combs of Red Fox, Makayla Ann Couch of Sassafras, Whitney Lee Cox of Sassafras,Denise Draughn of Garner, Adara Raelyn Dyer of Hindman, Brett Anthony Everage of Pine Top, Amanda L. Eversole of Pine Top, Brooke Eden Farley of Pippa Passes, Donald Kay Fields of Mallie.

And, Lyndsey Marie Flannery of Dwarf, Aaron James Fugate of Red Fox, Autumn Kaye Fugate of Pine Top, Lucinda Louise Fugate of Fisty, Phillip Lee Fugate of Pine Top, Brandon Paul Gallagher of Hindman, Melda Alexandria Gayheart of Topmost, Vanessa Kay Gerretson of Garner, Chandra Gibson of Pippa Passes, Jonathan Dewayne Gibson of Mousie, Emily Nicole Griffie of Topmost, Kirston Lashae Hale of Topmost, Ashley Dionne Hall of Pippa Passes, Hannah Nicole Hall of Topmost, Isaiah Preston Hall of Raven, Jakob Tanner Hall of Pippa Passes, Jared M. Hall of Topmost, Jaylan Leigh Hall of Topmost, Jordon Kelly Ross Hall of Emmalena, Joshua Layne Hall of Kite, Sabrina Hicks of Hindman, Carmeletta Tess Higgins of Lexington, Darcus Eliza Holland of Fisty, Amelia Sue Hudson of Topmost, David Ray Jacobs of Pinetop, Heather Paige Jent of Mallie, Katelyn Brean Jent of Hindman, Essie Marie Johnson of Kite.

Also, Zachary Kassee of Fisty, Tyra Lamb of Littcarr, Cortney L. Layne of Leburn, Alexis Raelynn Likens of Mallie, Oma Renee Mata of Hazard, Jessica Renee McGraner of Hazard, Kameron Blake Moore of Kite, Savannah Nicole Moore of Mallie, Benjamen R. Mosley of Hindman, Charles Collin Mosley of Hindman, Michael Marlous Napier of Vest, James Landon Noble of Mallie, Kimberly Kaye Oliver of Bulan, Amanda Owens of Hindman, Ezekiel Ryan Owens of Hindman, Wilson Tyler Owsley of Vest, David Partin of Emmalena, Tyler Chase Perkins of Hindman, Keegan Charles Pigman of Garner, Ana Gabriella Presenda of Hindman, Joseph Mark Pridemore of Hindman, Lakyn Renee Ratliff of Hindman, Denika Kylene Reynolds of Mallie, Brittany Nicole Risner of Hindman, Caitlin Marie Ritchie of Bulan, Katrina D. Ritchie of Mousie, Kendra Johnelle Short of Mousie, Adam Ryan Shrum of Mallie, Ethan Cole Sizemore of Emmalena, Ashley Breonna Slone of Garner, David Walker Slone of Hindman.

And, Maxine Nicole Slone of Hindman, Brandon Wade Smith of Leburn, Jessica Nichole Smith of Redfox, Sarah Andrea Smith of Red Fox, Stephanie Breanna Smith of Garner, Russell Southall of Kite, Gwenda Lynn Sparks of Hindman, Olivia Dawn Paige Tackett of Leburn, Leslie Nicole Taylor of Topmost, Wendy Sue Taylor of Mallie, Michael James Teegardin of Hindman, Kelee Ann Thomas of Mallie, Megan Elizabeth Thomas of Emmalena, Tracy L. Thornsberry of Kite, Emma June Tolson of Kite, Zachary Cameron Triplett of Mousie, Jacob P. Williams of Pippa Passes, Ruby Elizabeth Yeary of Pippa Passes, and Missie J. Yonts of Kite.

Laurel County - Kathy Malone Dinsmore of Lily, Derek Andrew Franklin of London, Amy Hampton of East Bernstadt, Stephanie Hentz of East Bernstadt, Sharon Lynn Johnson of Lily, Lydia Elaine Morgan of London, Georganna Christy Richardson of East Bernstadt, and Clifford Arlen Taylor of London.

Lawrence County - Brandon Lee Click of Blaine and Rosemary Skaggs of Ulysses.

Lee County - MaKisha LaNae Botner of Beattyville, Candice Elaine Bowman of Beattyville, Kathryn Grace Bowman of Beattyville, James Dean Campbell of Beattyville, Marlena Crystal Cochran of Zoe, Amanda Rose Crowder of Beattyville, Curtis Anthony David of Beattyville, Deanna Brooke Deaton of Beattyville, Kaitlyn Paige Durr of Beattyville, Israel Michael Faulkner of Beattyville, Michael David Faulkner of Beattyville, Melissa Marie Fox of Beattyville, Anthony Todd Fultz of Beattyville, Jamaica L. Gadd of Beattyville, Paul Douglas Haddix of Beattyville, Mary Mariah Holiday of Beattyville, Connie Nicole Horn of Beattyville, Autumn Kaye Johnson of Beattyville, Jordan Tanner Lutes of Beattyville, Sherida Hope Marshall of Beattyville, Jacob McCoy of Beattyville, Shelby Lynn Mcintosh of Beattyville, William Joel Mullins of Beattyville, Alex G. Neace of Beattyville, Linda Marie Noble of Beattyville, Sara Elizabeth Perkins of Beattyville, Jordan Peters of Beattyville, Emily F. Reed of Beattyville, David Rufus Short of Beattyville, Bobby Joe Shuler of Beattyville, Wendi Lynn Smallwood of Beattyville, Kayla Grace Spencer of Beattyville, Melinda Raeanne Stamper of Beattyville, and James M. Warner, of Beattyville.

Leslie County - Emerald Rochelle Adams of Hyden, Sharon Kendra Adkins of Asher, Ethan S. Bailey of Wooton, James Daniel Bales of Essie, Patrick Lee Barrett of Essie, Alex Mclain Begley of Stinnett, Emily Faith Boggs of Hyden, Justin Raymond Bowling of Hyden, Kaycee Bowling of Busy, Michael Preston Bradley of Yeaddiss, Kelly Wayne Brock of Helton, Gillis Burns of Sizerock, Grant Daniel Campbell of Hyden, Brooklyn Paige Clark of Yeaddiss, Casey Clark of Smilax, Bradley J. Collett of Essie, Kelvin Shawn Collett of Essie, Mary M. Collett of Asher, Brandon K. Combs of Hyden, Dylan Edwin Conrad of Hyden, Joshua Mark Coots of Yeaddiss, Lorene Coots of Yeaddiss, Debbie Cornett of Cutshin, Casey Couch of Bear Branch, Jeffery D. Davidson of Nancy, Kermit D. Davidson of Thousandsticks, Isabella Estep of Hyden.

And, Jonathan Dwayne Eversole of Hyden, Lonnie Ben Farler of Wooton, Tessa Irene Farler of Hyden, Timothy D. Finley of Asher, Kaylyn Hannah Gay of Hyden, Austin Blake Goins of Smilax, Hannah Gabrielle Griffie of Hyden, Tracy Lorene Hacker of Stinnett, Walter C. Hamblin of Hyden, Rebecca A. Harris of Yeaddiss, Christian Trey Hendrix of Hyden, Richard Kelly Henson of Hyden, Calvin Gary Hoskins of Wooton, Owen Blake Hoskins of Roark, Travis Roy Hubbard of Hoskinston, Faith V. Huff of Thousandsticks, Cameron Lucas Joseph of Hyden, Brielle G. Kidd of Stinnett, Maranda Maggard of Wooton, Stacy Renae Maggard of Hyden, Phyllis Melton of Yeaddiss, Alexis Jolyssa Meyers of Stinnett, Bobbi L. Morgan of Hoskinston, Emily Katherine Napier of Hyden, McKenzie A. Napier of Essie.

Also, William Chandler Napier of Hyden, Kendra Paige Nolan of Hyden, Brittany Osborne of Thousandsticks, Jamie Lee Osborne of Thousandsticks, Zachary Austin Reynolds of Yeaddiss, Anna Roberts of Hyden, Darrell Roberts of Hyden, Edith Michelle Sandlin of Thousandsticks, Deanna Rose Simpson of Mozelle, Cody Nathaniel Sizemore of Stinnett, Bridget Diania Smith of Hyden, Chelsea L. Smith of Wooton, Covey Daniel Smith of Asher, Silas Lee Smith of Saul, William Tayton Smith of Wooton, James Lee Smith, Jr. of Mozelle, Danielle Rebecca Spencer of Wooton, Michael Quinton Stidham of Hyden, Mark Steven Thomas of Hyden, Tiffany Trent of Bear Branch, Brianna Brooklyn Turner of Smilax, Dustin Edward Turner of Wooton, Wilson Matthew Wells of Wooton, James Connor Whitaker of Hyden, Nicholas David Wilder of Hyden, and Joe Wilson of Asher.

Letcher County - Chester Adams of Mayking, Malcolm Mackenzie Bailey of Whitesburg, Matthew Cole Baker of Whitesburg, Tabitha Leah Baker of Whitesburg, Lindsey N. Belcher of Jenkins, Cory Scott Brock of Mayking, Austin Mckenzie Caudill of Blackey, Lakelyn Delaney Cole of Hallie, Cody Dwayne Collins of Premium, Kyle Scott Collins of Ermine, Joshua Clayton Combs of Whitesburg, Glenn Clifton Cornett of Viper, Willie M. Cornett of Whitesburg, John Pascal Dixon of Blackey, Ethan Lucas Eldridge of Hallie, Tyler Scott Gibson of Jenkins, Ashton Lee Hall of Blackey, Christine M. Hammer of Whitesburg, Nancy Marie Hatton of Whitesburg, Brandon Heron of Whitesburg, Brandon R. Holland of Millstone, Joshua Isaac of Deane, Clayton Kiser of Whitesburg, Robert R. Kiser of Whitesburg, Ethan Robert Kisor of Blackey, Tabitha Lorinda Lewis of Whitesburg, Tonya Kay Logan of Blackey, Laythan Daniel Maddin of Blackey, Alexis Nashae Mullins of Whitesburg, Mariah Dawn Mullins of Whitesburg, Ralph Douglas Niece of Premium, Kristen Brooke Phipps of Whitesburg, Alex Aaron O'neil Ritchie of Isom, Isaiah Pugh of Whitesburg, Rachel Sexton of Whitesburg, Trevor Kent Shell of Isom, Char-Leigh Lashay Spangler of Millstone, Aaron Seth Staton of Cromona, Tymen Levi Stidham of Whitesburg, Michael Joseph Sturgill of Whitesburg, Jordan Seth Tinnel of Jeremiah, Isaiah Tyree of Thornton, Amanda Nicole Vanderpool of Blackey, Misty Ann Watts of Blackey, Jordan Whitaker of Jeremiah, and Shelby Bruce Whitaker of Hallie.

Magoffin County - Angelia Michelle Arnett, Caitlyn Elizabeth Carty, Tasha Nashea Holliday, Stephanie Nicole Johnson, Jeffery O'Brian Russell, and Lakin Nashae Russell, all of Salyersville.

McLean County - Tracy Sosh of Calhoun.

Montgomery County - Taylor Riley of Mount Sterling.

Morgan County - Kellie Renae Hutchinson, Sheldon Robert Perry, Deanna Lynn Vance, and Savannah Marie Wheeler, all of West Liberty.

Muhlengerg County - Leslie Ann Gaines of Drakesboro.

Owsley County - Trevor James Addison, Emily Paige Barker, Matthew D. Becknell, Jonah Seth Bowling, Trinity Kiara Burch, Colby Von Campbell, Kendal Diana Campbell-Fugate, Candace Combs, Lindsey Grace Combs, River Kayd Dean, Alexa Jade Dunn, Justin Rickey Gabbard, Hannah Rosetta Gibson, Zachary Ray Hacker, Sarah Makayla Hensley, Hadrian Christian Scott Jewell, James B. Jones, Makala Nicole Marshall, Hannah Brooke Morris, Jennifer Lynn Morris, Rachel A. Rice, Lauren Mackenzie Riley, Tiffany Roberts, Marissa Faith Sizemore, Michael Smith, Amanda Dawn Stamper, April Nicole Stamper, Kyle Matthew Stamper, Amanda Thomas, Lisa Marie Thomas, Samantha Lynn Thomas, Angela Turner, Ricky Vires, Cynthia Angeline Williams, Melissa Renee Young, all of Booneville.

Perry County - Benjamin S. Adams of Krypton, Joshua Ryan Adams of Cornettsville, Neal Allen Adams of Hazard, Bobby Micheal Akemon of Cornettsville, Rudy Alan Akemon of Hazard, Justin Wyatt Allen of Hazard, Vicky L. Amburgey of Vicco, Lucas Edward Amis of Buckhorn, Jenna Danielle Arnett of Hazard, April Asbury of Hazard, Bailey Patrick Asher of Hazard, Chassidy Makayla Asher of Hazard, Colby Wyatt Asher of Hazard, Dalton Donald Asher of Hazard, Whitney Kaylena Bailey of Hazard, Cody Joshua Baker of Buckhorn, Darrell Austin Baker of Central City, Deborah Leigh Baker of Hazard, Hannah Brooke Baker of Sassafras,Jennifer Lynn Baker of Vicco, Jordan Dakota Baker of Combs, Kala Danielle Baker of Busy, Katherine Baker of Hazard, Matthew Allen Baker of Hazard, Matthew Austin Baker of Krypton, Rebecca Baker of Bonnyman, Sarah Jacinta Baker of Gays Creek, Teresa L. Bales of Slemp.

And, Haley Blair Banks of Hazard, Nicholas A. Banks of Hazard, Cassandra Haley Barton of Hazard, Tessa Michelle Beder of Hazard, Jon-Eric Combs Begley of Hazard, Kodey Begley of Hazard, Melissa Aline Blair of Hazard, Rae Ann Blair of Combs, Benjamin Luke Bolling of Hazard, Caleb Ray Bowling of Viper, Garrett Bowling of Hazard, Tyler Joseph Bowling of Combs, Janelle D. Bowman of Hazard, Justin Buck Branson of Hazard, Lyda Katherine Brashear of Viper, Michael Hunter Brashear of Hazard, William Jacob Brashear of Viper, Rhonda Sue Brewer of Hazard, Kirstein Paige Brown of Viper, Jessie Nicole Bryant of Chavies, Makayla Nicole Burris of Bonnyman, Randi J. Burton of Hazard, Hannah Rachelle Bush of Chavies, Katelyn Alexandra Caldwell of Slemp, Carrie Sue Campbell of Cornettsville, Dakota Jarrett Campbell of Viper, Jamie L. Campbell of Krypton.

Also, Jason Derick Campbell of Cornettsville, Jordan Trey Campbell of Hazard, Julie A. Campbell of Hazard, Nerissa Leigh Campbell of Hazard, Robert Andrew Campbell of Happy, Noah James Canady of Hazard, Danny Carlington, Jr. of Hazard, Savannah Castillo of Hazard, Kenneth Jack Caudill of Viper, Melinda Sue Caudill of Hazard, Shade Caudill of Hazard, Vivian A. Caudill of Vicco, Dylan Jay Chapman of Happy, Sabastian Mikel Chatt of Dwarf, Brinkley Chitwood of Happy, Christopher Russell Christy of Hazard, Angela Marie Ciro of Hazard, Curtis Wayne Clark of Bulan, Frank James Claussen of Combs, Kobe Alexander Cockrell of Bulan, Kendra Rae Lynn Cole of Chavies, Michael Thomas Cole of Hazard, Angel Collier of Cornettsville, Robert Dale Collier of Hazard, Vanessa Collier of Hazard, Chelsea Kathlene Collins of Bulan, John Tristan Collins of Bonnyman, Karri A. Collins of Cornettsville.

And, Tylan Grace Collins of Cornettsville, Hayley C. Colon of Busy, Colby Ryan Colwell of Krypton, Darcy Nicole Colwell of Busy, James L. Colwell of Hazard, Samuel Dalson Colwell of Krypton, Anna May Combs of Hazard, Austin Ray Combs of Hazard, Austin W. Combs of Hazard, Breanna Leigh Combs of Hazard, Dakota Shaylynn Combs of Hazard, David Trevor Combs of Vicco, Emily Leann Combs of Hazard, Ethan Jordan Combs of Hazard, Hadden Felix Combs of Bulan, James Cordell Combs of Hazard, Jarrod T. Combs of Hazard, Juanita J. Combs of Hazard, Kortni Nicole Combs of Vicco, Makeisha Kristin Combs of Georgetown Michael Allen Combs of Cornettsville, Stanley DeWayne Combs of Hazard, Stephanie Combs of Hazard, Sherman Nathaniel Compher of Ary, Kameron Reece Conley of Hazard, Kimberly Dawn Cook of Viper, Aaron Ray Coots of Cornettsville, Kennedy Alexandra Coots of Hazard.

Also, Cameron Alexander Cornett of Bulan, Joseph Kenton Cornett of Hazard, Roger Lindon Cornett of Viper, Timothy K. Cornett of Bulan, Bret Lorenzy Costello of Hazard, Stephen Brayden Cottongame of Hazard, Aaron Scott Couch of Bonnyman, Aaron Wayne Couch of Yerkes, Chancey Shane Couch of Bonnyman, Ryan Keith Couch of Bonnyman, Tayli Couch of Hazard, Charlene Crase of Hazard, Danielle M. Crawford of Hazard, Richard Vincent Creech of Hazard, Amber Faye Crisp of Hazard,Rachel L. Curry of Jeff, Stephanie Jean Daniel of Hazard, Rita Cherise Davidson of Hazard, Jimmi Lynn Davis of Hazard, Tayler Shane Davis of Hazard, Shelby Nichole Day of Krypton, Andrew S. Dean of Hazard, Caleb Andrew Dean of Hazard, James Balis Deno of Hazard, Katlynn Lashae Dixon of Busy, Lucas Dixon of Busy, Kayleigh Renee Dobson of Bulan.

And, Lucy Marie Duff of Hazard, Hannah Elizabeth Dunn of Viper, Brianna Nichole Dunnigan of Viper, Alexander John Eldridge of Cornettsville, James Michael Eldridge of Slemp, Haley B. Engle of Vicco, Richard Engle of Hazard, Kaitlyn Leshea Epperson of Hazard, William Tyler Epperson of Hazard, Keisha Lynn Evans of Bulan, Chloe Danielle Everidge of Happy, Larry Everidge of Hazard, Kaytlin M. Eversole of Hazard, Joseph Anthony Farler of Gays Creek, Kendra Stacie Feltner of Bonnyman, Brandon Jordan Fields of Viper, Cindy Ra Fields of Buckhorn, Edward Lee Fields of Hazard, Hannah Louann Fields of Happy, Montana Noel Fields of Vicco, Donnie Ray Flannery of Dwarf, Joshua Fletcher of Avawam, Joseph Luke Fortney of Bulan, David Tyler Fox of Busy, Randy France of Hazard, Maggie Jeneen Francis of Hazard, Brandon Fugate of Hazard.

Also, Brooklynn T. Fugate of Hazard, Charles D. Fugate of Hazard, David Fugate of Hazard, Nikita Nicole Fugate of Bonnyman, Quinton McKain Fugate of Jeff, Ronnie Jerrold Fultz of Hazard, Britni Paige Gay of Rowdy, Kenneth Douglas Gay of Gays Creek, Anthony Ryan Gayheart of Hazard, Zachary Caleb Gayheart of Hazard, Lindsay Nicole Gibson of Hazard, Lula R. Gibson of Vicco, Samuel C. Goins of Hazard, Dean Joshua Amora Gonzales of Hazard, Jorrel A. Gonzales of Hazard, David Christian Gray of Busy, Jennah A. Griffie of Cornettsville, Joseph Derrick Griffie of Hazard, Joshua Griffith of Chavies, Trenton Scott Griffith of Cornettsville, Angelia Dawn Grigsby of Busy, Jordan Ray Grigsby of Bonnyman, Nikki Dallena Grigsby of Ary, Madelon Gail Gross of Hazard, Rachel Irene Gross of Hazard, Stefani Paige Gross of Jeff, Autumn Nicole Gwin of Hazard.

And, John Haddix of Hazard, Levi Tyler Halcomb of Cornettsville, Hannah E. Haley of Hazard, Alanah Jacklyn Hall of Hazard, Beth Ann Hall of Hazard, Olivia Alexis Harp of Hazard, Brecken Clabe Harvey of Hazard, Whitney Erin Harvey of Hazard, Brook Nicole Hayes of Combs, Johnny Dean Hazelwood of Hazard, Larry Jeffrey Hensley of Hazard, Brittany N. Herald of Hazard, Carlos Wayne Herald of Busy, Deidre N. Herald of Hazard, Dalton Dwayne Hibbard of Vicco, Koby Tyler Holbrook of Cornettsville, Jocelyn Olivia Holland of Hazard, Stella Elvira Holland of Dice, Tonya Lynn Holliday of Viper, Brandon Adam Holmes of Hazard, Joshua Cody Honeycutt of Bulan, Zachary Dylan Hoskins of Hazard, Dennis Kyle Howard of Happy, Stepheni Skyler Hubbard of Bulan, Anthony Ray Hughes of Hazard, Michael Brit Hughes of Bonnyman.

Also, Haley Nichole Hurd of Viper, Kristin Nicole Hurley of Chavies, Natasha Nicole Hurley of Hazard, Kyle John Hursh of Hazard, Allanah J. Hurt of Hazard, Austin Tyler Ison of Viper, Ashley Nicole Johnson of Yerkes, Caiden Lee Johnson of Krypton, Christopher David Johnson of Bonnyman, James D. Johnson of Viper, James Matthew Johnson of Bulan, Karidyn Joelle Johnson of Hazard, Kinnley Rhiannon Johnson of Hazard, Phillip Wesley Johnson of Hazard, Caitlin Rose Jones of Hazard, Cameron Lynn Jones of Hazard, Carlos Ray Jones of Hazard, Emaleigh Rae Jones of Hazard, Kayla Jones of Hazard, Lois A. Jones of Vicco, Melissa Jones of Hazard, Wilson Glenn Jones of Hazard, Robert Joseph of Hazard, Ian Bruce. Keaton of Hazard, Carla Danielle Keith of Hazard, Bronson Wendell Kidd of Cornettsville, Tyler James Kilbourne of Avawam, Brandon Chase Kilburn of Hazard.

And, Vina Michele Kilburn of Hazard, Megan Deon King of Bulan, Nathanael Isaiah Kraft of Hazard, Lucy Michelle Langdon of Hazard, Condi Brooke Ledford of Busy, Andrea Danette Lewis of Cornettsville, Gary Wayne Lewis of Happy, Joshua Chase Lewis of Viper, Shawn Michael Lewis of Busy, Hannah Marie Lindsay of Busy, Adam Henry Linz of Bulan, John David Little of Combs, Tiffany Little of Vicco, William L. Long of Chavies, Melissa Ann Longworth of Hazard, Jerry Lumpkins of Cornettsville, Cameron Jade Maggard of Happy, Paul Roger Maggard of Viper, Deborah D. Marley of Hazard, Anthony Ray Martin of Hazard, Kelly Nicole Martin of Hazard, Cheyenne R. McIntosh of Krypton, Joseph Carl McIntosh of Hazard, Sherman Curtis McIntosh of Krypton, Gary Keith McIntyre of Hazard, Joshua Ryan Mckenzie of Hazard, Austin Michael Melton of Avawam.

Also, Jacob L. Melton of Cornettsville, Autumn Makayla Messer of Scuddy, Ryan A. Messer of Hazard, Alexandra Jade Miller of Bonnyman, Christian Clay Miller of Dice, Jamaica Jade Miller of Buckhorn, Jeffrey T. Miller of Vicco, Kaitlyn Miller of Hazard, Makayla Ruth Miller of Hazard, Matthew Miller of Hazard, Rebecca Lynn Miller of Hazard, Rebecca Miller of Scuddy, Zachary Ryan Mitchell of Hazard, Marryn Rochelle Mobelini of Hazard, Charles Jaron Moore of Viper, Jonathan Aaron Moore of Hazard, Michael Edward Moore of Hazard, Tiffany Nicole Moore of Hazard, Charles Joseph Morgan of Hazard, Jackson Reece. Morgan of Hazard, Shirley Annalexis Morgan of Hazard, Alyssa Mckenzie Muha of Hazard, Cory Mullins of Hazard, Kanyon Miles Mullins of Ary, Michael Brandon Mullins of Hazard, Sydni Reann Mullins of Hazard, Deidra Lynn Muncy of Viper, Austin T. Napier of Krypton.

And, Bruce D. Napier of Hazard, John Napier III of Hazard, Amy Neace of Chavies, Arthur Michael Neace of Hazard, Cheyenne Skye Neace of Bonnyman, Hunter Elizabeth Nelson of Hazard, Maranda Malyn Newberry of Bonnyman, David M. Newton of Krypton, Bobby Jacob Noble of Dice, Dalton Chase Noble of Hazard, Jaden Mae Noble of Hazard, Jarred Ben Noble of Bulan, Jeremy Blake Noble of Hazard, Kayla Louise Noble of Chavies, Alexandrea Morgan Oliver of Bonnyman, Kara Bethany Osborne of Hazard, Erin Michelle Overbee of Hazard, Cody Dale Owens of Hazard, Wesley Kevin Owens of Viper, Darryl Parker of Hazard, Jeffrey Allen Parker of Chavies, Darren A. Patrick of Hazard, Stephen Kenneth Patula of Hazard, Katelyn Faith Pigman of Hazard, Jamie Peyton Pollard of Bulan, Ashley Prather of Hazard, Furby Anne Pratt of Slemp.

Also, Lisa Pratt of Slemp, Austin M. Rafferty of Hazard, Mikayla Brooke Ratliff of Viper, Brooke Brendell Reeves of Chavies, Joshua Rhodes of Delphia, Patricia Jean Rice of Hazard, Dexter Jay Rickett of Hazard, Charlotte Rae Riddle of Hazard, Brittany Rexann Riley of Bonnyman, Allison Shaylyn Ritchie of Bulan, Ashley Nicole Ritchie of Bulan, Haley Ashton Ritchie of Jeff, Jonathan Charles Ritchie of Hazard, Sheradyn Taylor Roark of Vicco, Rebecca Allen Roberson of Gays Creek, Larry Dean Roberts of Avawam, Debbie Danielle Roll of Viper, Dawson Wayne Ross of Hazard, Jacob Nathaniel Rouse of Busy, Amber Nashae Sampsell of Busy, Vernon Bradley Saylor of Hazard, Haley Brooke Seals of Vicco, Emily Paige Sexton of Hazard, Pamela Gail Shearer of Hazard, Meghan Elizabeth Shell of Viper, Kimberly M. Shepherd of Cornettsville.

And, Crystal D. Sherrod of Viper, Linda Sue Sierra of Hazard, Raegan Makenzie Simpson of Cornettsville, Garland Alex Sizemore of Hazard, Rita Marie Slone of Viper, Cody Dean Smith of Bonnyman, Cody Lee Smith of Hazard, Dakota Robert Ray Smith of Bulan, Haley Mae Smith of Hazard, Jacob C. Smith of Hazard, Jamie Smith of Hazard, Laurel Madison Smith of Hazard, Tony Darrell Smith of Hazard, Deloris Alice Sparkman of Cornettsville, Sheila M. Spencer of Hazard, Timothy Dwayne Spencer of Hazard, Tonya Spencer of Hazard, William Sheldon Spradley of Ary, Austin Corey Spurlock of Busy, Trevor Vernon Spurlock of Hazard, Casey Brooke Stacy of Hazard, Brandon Marcus Stidham of Hazard, Emma Grace Stidham of Hazard, Josh Carlo Stidham of Hazard, Lynda Marie Stidham of Hazard, Thomas Benjamin Stidham of Chavies, Benjamin Caleb Strong of Dwarf.

Also, John Britt Strong of Hazard, Keith Sturgill of Happy, James Sullivan of Chavies, Alec Michael Taylor of Hazard, Brittany LeeAnn Taylor of Busy, Michelle Thomas of Yerkes, Daniel P. Thompson of Hazard, Robert Allan Thompson of Hazard, Melissa Brendamae Trent of Slemp, Cameron Scott Turner of Rowdy, Isaac Lee Turner of Bonnyman, Jennifer Nicole Turner of Hazard, Meagan Lynn Turner of Buckhorn, Megan Lynn Turner of Hazard, Ronald L. Vanover of Krypton, Candace Katlin Wagers of Hazard.

And, Charity Breanne Wagers of Bulan, Shauna Marie Walker of Hazard, Michael Edward Warner of Hazard, Harley Alexis Watts of Chavies, Leonette Nicole Watts of Cornettsville, Braxton Daniel Whitaker of Bonnyman, Kirby Joe Whitaker of Hazard, Vickie Whitaker of Hazard, John Vernis White of Viper, Steven Jakob White of Hazard, Austin Jake Williams of Slemp, Christopher Lynn Williams of Busy, Makesha Lila Williams of Busy, Raymond Anthony Williams of Busy, Stacey Gracy Williams of Hazard, Walter Chase Williams of Hazard, Cameron Antonio Woods of Hazard, Hazel Sue Woods of Viper, Andrew Jacob Woolum of Hazard, Holly Nicole Wooton of Viper, Kalynn McKenzie Wooton of Viper, Misty Lula Wooton of Hazard, Emily N. Young of Busy, and Roberta Lynn Young of Hazard.

Pike County - Kaitlyn Rose Adkins of Elkhorn City, Misty Chaney of Pikeville, Carolyne Sue Coleman of Kimper, Elizabeth Marie Copley of Inez, Tony Joshua Epling of Elkhorn City, Stephanie Anne Goff of Pikeville, Ramona Sharrone Horn of Pikeville, Christina May of Kimper, Traci Ratliff of Elkhorn City, Jeremy Clay, Sizemore of Elkhorn City, Alex M. Stevenson of Phelps, and Cody John Wright of Elkhorn City.

Powell County - Clarence Ray Haddix of Stanton.

Pulaski County - Alec Nathaniel Combs of Somerset.

Robertson County - Nathaniel Elijah Goodman of Mount Olivet.

Scott County - Clivan MacKenzie Caudill of Stamping Ground and Tommy B. Guier of Georgetown.

Wayne County - Ryan S. Opper of Monticello.

Whitley County - Sydney Alise Adams of Corbin and Victor C. Smith of Woodbine.

Wolfe County - Tiffany Samantha Back of Campton, Matthew Ryan Brewer of Campton, Priscilla Ann Brewer of Campton, Melinda Kaye Bush of Rogers, Peyton Danielle Caudill of Campton, Pamela Nicole Clapp of Campton, Haley Newvonne Conner of Campton, Kristen Hayley Crase of Campton, James Logan Creech of Campton, Logan Chandler Davis of Rogers, Samantha Lee Davis of Rogers, Ashton Brett Dunn of Campton, Justin Scott Dunn of Campton, Braedon Michael French of Campton, Kendalynn Paige Friend of Campton, Jassmine N. Howard of Campton, Connie Hurt of Campton, Delilah Maggie Lane of Campton, Tina Lynn Manning of Campton, Erica Kaye Mattingly of Campton, James Dillon Mayse of Campton, Mackenzie K. Melton of Pine Ridge, Jack Dee Nelson of Campton, Deloris Jean Powell of Pine Ridge, Gary Grant Rogers of Hazel Green, Jeffrey Glenn Rose of Campton, Lukas Fletcher Rose of Campton, Samantha Rose of Pine Ridge, Amber Michelle Shepherd of Campton, Hailey Dawn Smith of Campton, Felicia Mae Southers of Campton, Patricia C. Sowder of Campton, Caleb Jackson Spencer of Campton Luke Edward Thompson of Campton, Taylor Elizabeth Turner of Rogers, Crystal G. Waters of Campton, James White of Campton, Melinda Sue Whitley of Campton, and Kaycee Jo Whitt of Pine Ridge.

Out of State - Larry Stamper of Seymour, TN, Chelsea M. Anderson of Clarksville, TN, and Stephanie Nicole Krantz of Dalton, GA.