FREE First Year Tuition for First Time Students with HCTC Promise | HCTC

FREE Tuition for Spring 2022 First Time Students with HCTC Promise

Not enough or any financial aid? No worries! HCTC Promise—We’ve got you covered!

Not enough or any financial aid? No worries! HCTC Promise—We’ve got you covered!

HCTC is making a promise to any *first-time, credential seeking students Including students who have High School Diploma, GED, or are enrolled in an HCTC GED Plus Program and are working toward a GED and are enrolling in the Fall 2021 and/or Spring 2022 (***including any Winter term classes) semester that we’ve got your back!

This is a “last dollar in” scholarship, which means after all your other aid (PELL, CAP, grants, third-party scholarships, etc.) has been applied, the HCTC Promise scholarship will cover the balance for:

Tuition of up to 18 credit hours, with a six credit hours minimum (only program applicable courses)
Buildsmart fees
Digital content fees
Online course charges
Promise scholarship is limited to $1,122 for truck driving/CDL and $2,244 for lineman for both the limit is $3,366 
This is OUR promise to YOU that, as a first-time student, you will not have to pay for Fall 2021 and/or Spring 2022 classes (***including any Winter term classes) at HCTC out of pocket! **Eligibility extends to any first-time, credential-seeking Kentucky residents and any Kentucky class of 2021 seniors (graduated or Senate Bill 128 seniors), including those who have taken dual credit classes.

Contact HCTC Director of Advancement Carla Seals at (606) 487-3072 or at for more information.

Other KCTCS college students, visiting students, and current high school students are ineligible, as are the costs of program kits, tools, and books/resources.

*First-time students must not have any college credits or credentials from any institution, excluding dual credit hours earned in high school.

**Eligible students must complete their FAFSA and the application below and MUST take HCTC classes and have HCTC listed as their home campus. Students must also maintain a 2.0 GPA and complete the Fall 2021 semester to be eligible for the scholarship in the Spring 2022 semester. This is a “last-dollar in” tuition scholarship, meaning after all other financial aid or third-party payments (excluding student loans) are applied, the scholarship will cover the remaining tuition balance.

***A Winter session class would be included as part of your spring enrollment credit hours.