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Child Care Options

Free Childcare Vouchers


HCTC has partnered with local child care providers to offer a limited number of vouchers to assist HCTC students with the cost of child care while they are working and/or in class. This program is provided through a grant from the Department of Education's child care Access Means Parents in School (CCAMPIS) Program, and HCTC will verify participants, eligibility based on
income, household size, first-generation or college ready status, and credit hour load. At the beginning of each semester, the Academic Program Coordinator will interview and select eligible participants.

During the selection notification and participant agreement execution, the Coordinator will clearly explain the requirements and expectations to participants as described in the agreement and listed below:

  • participate in at least a minimum one parental involvement activity per semester (examples: volunteering for a school field trip, reading a story to children during designated Story Hour, or serving on a parent board or taking parenting education classes.)
  • meet with an advisor each semester to schedule appropriate courses
  • access services from the HCTC Success Zone
  • complete a Graduation Plan
  • apply to the Ready to Work Program
  • remain in good academic standing
  • maintain at least a half-time course load (6 credit hours)
  • complete a FAFSA for the following year in a timely manner
  • seek scholarship funds
  • seek assistance from the Coordinator to quickly resolve issues with financial aid, course work, or personal issues
  • notify the Coordinator of any significant changes that would disqualify the student from participation in the project

A wait list will be created for all eligible participants. All CCAMPIS project requirements, such as parental involvement, academic advising, academic standing, course load, will be assessed each semester to ensure continued eligibility. The student will lose his or her slot if he or she becomes ineligible. The next eligible student parent will be chosen from the wait list if this occurs. The Academic Project Coordinator will provide information regarding the above in addition to ensuring that participants understand the requirements and the sliding fee scale.

If you are interested in being considered for a child care voucher, please provide the information requested below and submit. Your contact information will be added to HCTC's Admissions Office Waiting List to be forwarded to the new Coordinator, Heather Watts, in January. The Director will contact you to collect official application information, so your application can be evaluated according to the eligibility requirements mentioned above.

Participating Child Care Centers
Breathitt  Lee Owsley Wolfe

Branson Head Start Center

Address: 419 Court Street, Jackson, KY 41339

Telephone Number: (606) 666-4236

Miller II and III Head Start

Address: 1930 Quicksand Road, Jackson, Ky 41339

Telephone Number:(606) 666-7634

Lee County Head Start

Address: 49 Bull Mt Road, Beattyville, KY 41311

Telephone Number: (606) 464-3329

Owsley County Head Start/Early Head Start

Address: 122 Baker Lane, Booneville, KY, 41314

Telephone Number: (606) 593-5101

Wolfe County Head Start
Address: 200 Wolfe County Community Center Rd, Campton, KY 41301

Telephone Number: (606) 668-7879

Leslie Leslie Knott Perry

Creative Minds Learning Center

Address: 23211 KY-80, Hyden, KY 41749

Telephone Number: (606) 672-6000

Mountain View Head Start

Address: 321 Mountain View Heights Hyden, Kentucky, 41749

Telephone Number: 606-672-1637

Hayes Lewis Head Start

Address: 10130 Cutshin Rd, Yeaddiss, KY 41777

Telephone Number: (606) 279-3301

Leslie Early Head Start

Address: 160 Maple St. Hyden, Kentucky, 41749

Telephone Number: 606-672-3990

Stinnett Head Start

Address: 12975 HWY 421, Stinnett, KY 40868

Telephone Number: (606) 374-7710

WB Muncy Head Start

Address:142 Pirate Dr, Wooton, Kentucky, 41776

Telephone Number: 606-672-2036

Leslie Early Head Start

Address: 160 Maple St. Hyden, Kentucky, 41749

Telephone Number: 606-672-3990

Carr Creek Head Start/Early Head Start

Address: 8596 Highway 160, Litt Carr, Kentucky 41834

Telephone Number: (606) 642-3960

Beaver Head Start

Address: 8022 Highway 7 S Topmost, KY 41862

Telephone Number: (606) 447-2111

Perkins Head Start/ Early Start

Temporarily being held in Perry County Head Start/ Early Start

Children's House Montessori

Address: 135 Memorial Drive, Hazard KY, 41701

Telephone Number: (606) 436-0567

New Beginnings

Address: 151 Miss Edna Lane, Hazard, KY 41701

Telephone Number: (606) 439-0275

Perry County Head Start/ Early Head Start Center

Address: 145 Citizens Lane, Hazard, KY 41701

Telephone Number: (606) 435-1888

Learn N Play

Address: 151 E Main Street, Hazard, KY 41701

Telephone Number: (606) (606)-436-9812