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UCM success story: Dr. Engle

Dr. Brittney Engle appreciates the University Center of the Mountains (UCM) because she was able to earn her Doctorate of Pharmacy from Sullivan University College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences this year. She accomplished that milestone by working fulltime in her hometown while completing required undergraduate coursework online through the UCM partners in order to prepare for her graduate program. The UCM faculty and staff provided advising and application guidance resources in preparation for admission to Sullivan’s doctoral program, and today, Engle is a newly hired Pharmacist at Pharmacy Care Center in Hazard. Pharmacy Care Center is an independent pharmacy that is operated inside of Primary Care Centers of Eastern Kentucky.

Dr. Engle started taking classes at Hazard Community and Technical College, where the UCM is based, and she was able to affordably transition from her undergraduate studies at HCTC to earning a doctoral degree. “Dr. Engle is a great example of what our students can accomplish if they simply reach out and take advantage of the transfer student support services available to them through the UCM. We encourage students to explore all of their career options,” commented UCM Executive Director Dr. Deronda Mobelini. “Students are often surprised at what options they do have available to them by simply using HCTC as a stepping stone to bachelor’s and/or graduate degree attainment through transfer.”

Dr. Engle said the UCM is a great choice for people in this region. “The UCM provides opportunities for students in this area to not be limited in their choice of fulfilling their dreams,” she said. She also is appreciative of HCTC. “I would like to especially thank Dr. Paul Currie, Dr. Beth Ann Banks, and Dr. Jeremy Wood for their involvement in my success in both the UCM at HCTC and becoming a pharmacist. These three went above and beyond to prepare me for graduate school and their work and support will never be forgotten,” she said.

Her goal as a pharmacist is to give back to the people of her community. “The people here have given so much to me. It is a pleasure to move back home and provide healthcare for people in this town,” noted the 2009 Perry County Central High School graduate.

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