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Radiography Program success story: Artisha Music-Collins

Artisha Music-Collins was age 22 when she had a tumor on her neck. She went to multiple doctors, but the tumor wasn’t discovered until a doctor ordered a Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) test. Two good things happened as a result. One, the tumor was benign. The other,  Music-Collins discovered what she wanted as her life’s career – to work in the radiography field.

Now at age 34, Music-Collins is a May 2019 graduate of the Radiography Program at Hazard Community and Technical College. She is working on a bachelor’s degree from Morehead State University, with plans to pursue a master’s degree as a Radiologist Assistant through the University of North Carolina.

Working at Pikeville Medical Center for the last 18 months has provided great experience for her as she pursues her ideal career. In 2019, she graduated from HCTC, took the national exam in June to be certified, and started July 1 in the cardiac catherization lab in Pikeville. “You could not find a better school to support you through everyday life, to push you and help you to make sure you reach your goals,” noted the 2004 Knott County Central graduate.

She is thankful to HCTC for the support she was given while enrolled at HCTC. “The education I received was absolutely amazing. If it had not been for the radiography professors there, I would not have made it through. They pushed me, helped me, and were very understanding of a mother with a young child,” she said. 

“I owe them everything,” Music-Collins concluded. 

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