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HCTC Announces Spring 2021 President's List

The following Hazard Community and Technical College students have been named to the President’s Honor List for the spring 2021 semester. To be named to the President’s Honor List, a student must earn a perfect 4.0 grade point average and successfully complete at least 12 KCTCS semester credits of course work numbered 100 or above (excluding any courses considered developmental and without withdrawing from a course). Those honored include:

Bell County

Buffy Dunnaville of Middlesboro.

Breathitt County

Nicholas Adams of Lost Creek, Jeremiah Chase Bryant of Jackson, Kasey Campbell of Clayhole, Lonnie Combs of Jackson, Selena Renee Combs of Jackson, Tony Joe Fraley of Jackson, Jama Halvaksz of Jackson, Patricia L. Hardin of Jackson, Elizabeth Anne Hayes of Jackson, Marvin Henson of Jackson, Alex L. Hudson of Jackson, Madison Talmesha Hudson of Jackson, Damian Xavier Jackson of Jackson, Brack Engene Jewell of Jackson, James Scott Mcknight of Jackson, Emily Nicole Moore of Jackson, Holly Faith Patton of Jackson, Lloyd James Roberts of Jackson, Sarah Hope Rudd of Jackson, Kenneth Brian Short of Jackson, Lora Deana Spencer of Jackson, Rebecca Stacy of Jackson, Harley Isabella Jean Thomas of Jackson, Krista Leigh Thorpe of Jackson, Samantha Turner of Jackson, Sarah-Mae Turner of Jackson, Thomas Fredrick Turner of Jackson, and Brandon Arthur Wolfe of Jackson.

Clay County

Chandler J. Hibbard of Manchester, Barry Ryan Middleton of Oneida, and Mackenzie Paige Sizemore of Oneida.

Edmonson County 

Chandra Beth Coates of Park City.

Estill County

Michael Jacob Hall of Irvine.

Floyd County

Alexandra F. Howard of Garrett.

Hardin County

Nikki Enlow of Glendale.

Johnson County

Christopher Keaton of Keaton.

Knott County

Colby Braxton Amburgey of Garner, Rebecca Hope Chadwell of Hindman, Dylan Jay Chapman of Redfox, Caley Leann Combs of Pine Top, Jennifer Lynette Combs of Fisty, Hannah Alexis Craft of Emmalena, Dustin Johnny Mack Eldridge of Hindman, Phillip Lee Fugate of Pine Top, Zachary Caleb Gayheart of Hindman, Cameron Jacobs of Hindman, Christy L. Jacobs of Pippa Passes, Caitlin Mae Johnson of Kite, Madison Paige Maggard of Leburn, Shannon Paige Mullins of Hindman, Olivia Cortney Shepherd of Garrett, Jamison Chase Short of Pine Top, Nedra Lavett Sides of Kite, Arizona Slone of Carrie, Brittany V. Slone of Leburn, Alex Logan Stamper of Hindman, Grace Louise Street of Hindman, Timothy Bryce Watts of Emmalena, Benjamin Matthew Wente of Emmalena, Kevin Michael Wicker of Emmalena, Jacob P. Williams of Pippa Passes, Preston Wuneburger of Topmost, and Ruby Elizabeth Yeary of Pippa Passes

Lee County

Stephen Aaron Bishop, Alissa D. Hogan, and Steve Tyler Johnson, all of Beattyville.

Leslie County

Chandra N. Brock of Helton, Crystal Lynn Couch of Bear Branch, Derek Brandon Fields of Smilax, Eldon Shayne Hoskins of Hyden, Sylvia McKenzie Mae Howard of Warbranch, Cassandra Nicole Lawson of Yeaddiss, Chasity Gabrielle Lewis of Yeaddiss, Rebecca Dawn Lewis of Hyden, Shanda Osborne Pugh of Essie, Becca Layne Stidham of Wooton, Darron Isaac Whitaker of Hyden, Nicholas Clyde Wilson of Hyden, and Morgan Paige Witt of Stinnett.

Letcher County

Norman M. Caudill of Jeremiah, Ashton Lee Dixon of Blackey, Sidney Louis Fields of Whitesburg, Timothy Shane Hall of Whitesburg, Ethan Robert Kisor of Blackey, Kaytlin Marie Morgan of Blackey, Juda Lauren Niece of Whitesburg, Colby Joe Pease of Mayking, Shawn Dakota Stamper of Blackey, Gracie Shyan Sturgill of Mayking, Clyde Trent of Whitesburg, and Jacob Dalton Williams of Whitesburg.

Madison County

Brittany Danielle Hall of Berea.

Magoffin County

Jodi Lea Cole of Salyersville.

Morgan County

Jessica Austin of West Liberty.

Perry County

Ashley Kaye Abner of Buckhorn, Benjamin Cody Abner of Buckhorn, Jordan Spencer Adams of Hazard, Mark Andrew Applegate of Hazard, Matthew Back of Hazard, Chad Brian Bailey of Chavies, Caleb Britt Barnett of Hazard, Christopher Jacob Barrett of Hazard, Kaitlyn Blair of Hazard, Jacob Austin Blank of Hazard, Katelyn Alexandra Caldwell of Cornettsville, Dalton Wayne Collins of Hazard, Tylan Grace Collins of Cornettsville, Colby Ryan Colwell of Krypton, Emily Coots of Gays Creek, Dylan Scott Cornett of Happy, Richard Thomas Hartley Cornett of Happy, Shana Estelle Cornett of Delphia, Jeffrey Dwayne Couch of Hazard, Kaylee Dashawn Couch of Slemp, Ryan Keith Couch of Bonnyman, Billy Wayne Cumbow of Chavies, Brandon Clay Davis of Chavies, Kateri Kalyn Davis of Bonnyman, Andrew S. Dean of Hazard, Kailyn Danae Deaton of Ary, and Larry Edward Deaton of Hazard. 

Also, Madison Renee Eller of Happy, Kristina Mackenzie Engle of Hazard, Katherine Grace Epperson of Hazard, Tristian Faith Farler of Hazard, Jonathan Kyle Feltner of Busy, Alexandria Jade Fields of Hazard, Brooklynn T Fugate of Hazard, Curtis Lee Gay of Gays Creek, Sarah M. Gullett of Busy, John Haddix of Hazard, Kevin L. Hendrickson of Hazard, Taylor Blake Hughes of Hazard, Robert Jonathan Jamison of Cornettsville, Joshua Edward Johnson of Hazard, Kris Brandon Jones of Hazard, Daniel Terry Joseph of Hazard, Nathanael Isaiah Kraft of Hazard, Robert Lincoln Maggard of Viper, Brian Scott Miller of Hazard, Austin Miniard of Hazard, Shana Napier of Hazard, Dalton Chase Noble of Hazard, Gary Wayne Noble of Buckhorn, Hannah Sculley of Hazard, James Shoptaw of Hazard, Axel Lee Smallwood of Hazard, Tonya Spencer of Hazard, Kevin Scott Stacy of Hazard, Heather Watts of Vicco, Joshua Gregory Watts of Hazard, Antonio Wilson of Jeff, and Rachel Marie Woody of Happy.

Pike County

Whitney Rachelle Compton of Pikeville and Andrea Rachelle Worley of Belfry.

Wolfe County

Lola C. Bailey, Carolyn May Bryant, Candace Michelle Gaggley, Hannah Rebecca Griffith, Travis Shane Morris, Linda Gail Patton, and Kelli Ratliff Evans, all of Campton.