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UCM success story: Bobbie Barlowe

Bobbie Barlowe is a big fan of the University Center of the Mountains because she was able to get her bachelor s degree close to home. She graduated this December from Lindsey Wilson College with a bachelor s degree in Human Services and Counseling.

Barlowe is a graduate of Dilce Combs High School, and HCTC where she obtained an associate in applied science and associate in arts degrees. She knew she wanted to continue her education. As a non-traditional student, it was important for me to be able to stay in my hometown while earning my degree. I chose to attend the UCM because it was a perfect match for my career goals while bringing the larger universities to my doorstep, she said.

My overall experience has been one of the most rewarding of my life. The Lindsey Wilson Human Services and Counseling program gives the communities in this area the opportunity to employ some of the most well trained professionals in the region, Barlowe noted.

My experience with the UCM made me proud to be a student in and from the mountains. There are students that earn degrees from the larger universities that would never have the opportunity to do so if the UCM did not exist. The staff, faculty, and advisors from the UCM and its partners are truly there to ensure the students make the most informed decisions for their college careers, she said, adding, Another name for it could be the Ultimate Career Manager.

Bobbie has been a wonderful addition to the UCM, not only as a student, but through her service as an ITV facilitator, Deronda Mobelini, UCM Director, commented. Bobbie is a smart, dedicated young woman who will go far, and we are proud of her success. It has been a pleasure to have her with us in the UCM.

Barlowe plans to continue her education by obtaining a master s degree in Rehabilitation Counseling from the University of Kentucky. Besides her education experience here, Barlowe learned a great deal while serving in the U.S. Army. She spent four years on active duty as a Communications Specialist and Combat Life Saver in a Patriot Unit from El Paso, Texas. During her time of service, she was given the opportunity to travel to Saudi Arabia and South Korea.

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