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TIPS helps students succeed and plan for future

certificates presented to studentsCertificates are presented to students in the Transition Investment Pathways (TIPS) as part of HCTC's Quality Enhancement Plan at Hazard Community and Technical College. Shown here, from left, are Jason Campbell, Samantha Fugate, QEP Coordinator Chestina Turner, and Kelsey Little.

Deciding upon a career and learning how to navigate information at Hazard Community and Technical College are two of the benefits of enrolling in the Transition Investment Pathways (TIPS) as part of HCTC's Quality Enhancement Plan.

Amanda Lee Jameson of Hazard said she learned about resume and cover letters. At age 19, her career goal is Social Work. She said TIPS was very beneficial for her and she appreciated her teacher for the class, Chestina Turner. She s a great teacher, Jameson said. Annie Combs said she learned her way around campus through the class, she learned about having a good work ethic, and how to take good lecture notes.

Danielle Crawford was very glad she enrolled. I learned how to not be nervous in a job interview, how to make a resume and cover letter, about the Student Appeal Process, and how to take better notes in class.

Samantha Fugate started the class with no career goal but now she knows she wants to go into nursing. She is thankful for the information presented to her so she could make a good career choice. This class helped me pick my career, how to better manage my time, and how to study for classes, she said.

Hindman resident Kelsey Little said she now has an academic plan. She will begin with Phlebotomy classes and then go into nursing. TIPS helped her realize this was the ideal path for her. Jason Campbell, age 18, lives in Bonnyman. He wants to be a Video Game Tester and he plans to take a Video Design track. This class helped me figure out what I needed to do in college to be a good student, he said. He is expanding his options by also planning to study in the Human Services field so he could be a Social Worker on down the road.

HCTC President Jennifer Lindon attended graduation ceremonies of those completing the first TIPS classes. She stressed to them the importance of the Individual Completion Plan. Chestina Turner, QEP Coordinator, noted, I have immensely enjoyed enlightening new students about the wonderful opportunities HCTC offers, the benefits of struggling through their educational pathways, and just the pleasure of being a college student. TIPS has provided not only my students with a fresh look at college and career, but it has provided me with an appreciation of what it means to be a student!