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Service Awards presented to HCTC employees

Hazard Community and Technical College honored employees on Friday, January 30, with service awards. Certificates were presented to:

30 years honorees

30 Years of Service
Libby Peters, registrar; Sandra Petrey-Blandau, professor; Donna Combs, professor. All live in Hazard.

Shown here, Libby Peters (on left) and Sandra Petrey-Blandau.

25 years honorees
25 Years of Service
Cleveland Coots of Viper, Maintenance and Operations supervisor; Mischelle Dawn Griffie of Cornettsville, senior administrative assistant; Mike Strickland of Busy, professor; Cheryle Dunigan of Happy, Financial Aid coordinator; Delores Vance of Mallie, professor; Madeline Flannery of Whitesburg, professor; and Sandra Phipps of Jackson, professor.

20 years for web

20 Years of Service
Lois Maggard of Wooton, Business Services assistant; Myla Barrett of Hazard, senior administrative assistant; Dan Begley of Hazard, professor; and Venita Caldwell of Hyden, professor.

Shown here, Lois Maggard (on left) and Myla Barrett.

15 year honorees15 Years of Service
Lesa Bryant of Jackson, Student Services assistant; Bernice Spare of Hazard, administrative assistant; Timothy Whittaker of Hyden, professor; Kena Mullins of Jackson, senior administrative assistant; Kathleen Couch of Jackson, administrative assistant; and Melissa Collins of Hazard, administrative assistant.

Shown here, from left, Lesa Bryant, Bernice Spare, Timothy Whittaker, Kena Mullins, and Kathleen Couch.

5 and 10 year honorees10 Years of Service
Scott Gross of Jackson, Admissions director, ten years and Willie Cornett of Whitesburg, assistant professor.

Shown here, from left, are Vera Dawn Stamper, Joanna Martin, April Graham, Scott Gross, Julie Caudill, and Lisa Callihan.

5 Years of Service
Vera Dawn Stamper of Hazard, assistant professor; Joanna Martin of Pippa Passes, assistant professor; April Graham of Jackson, Student Affairs specialist; Julie Caudill of Viper, Assessment and Testing coordinator; Lisa Callihan of Hazard, Admissions administrative assistant; Randy Bowling of Chavies, assistant professor; Misty Feltner of Viper, graphic designer; Michael Nyagol of Columbia, Maryland, assistant professor.