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Re-Launching The HCTC Kentucky School of Craft

Michael FlynnThe Kentucky School of Craft has been part of Hazard Community and Technical College for over ten years. Founded with an identity linked to economic development and traditional Appalachian artistry, The School of Craft is going through a period of rebirth to develop programming that coincides with the needs of today s students. The School of Craft is not only dedicated to educating students about the arts, but to also find new ways technology and creative thinking can create jobs and help students start a career.

This effort to advance how students and members of the community think about art is being led by Michael Flynn. Flynn was hired during the fall semester by HCTC to serve as Program Coordinator of the Associate in Fine Arts Program based out of the Kentucky School of Craft in Hindman. The School of Craft is currently serving students in Perry, Breathitt, and Knott Counties. Flynn envisions the School to become the artistic hub for the region.

Flynn is a Pennsylvania native with a strong background in community development and art education. This position is an opportunity to accomplish much more than just instructing students about art, but rather a way to develop creativity and innovation for the region. Today, ART is an all-inclusive field that spans beyond the humanities. Art reflects and influences science, business and technology. All great ideas must start somewhere and often, self-reflection and creativity are the point of entry.

All the courses offered through the Kentucky School of Craft s programing will train students to transform their ideas into reality. Beginning in January, students will have the opportunity to learn and develop an understanding in the fields of sculpture, metals, ceramics and digital photography. The School of Craft is already equipped with state-of-the-art woodworking and metals facilities. One of Flynn s missions is to expand the schools abilities to produce media using computers and digital technology.

HCTC President Dr. Steve Greiner noted, Michael Flynn is creative, enthusiastic, and experienced. Flynn holds a Master of Fine Art degree in Visual Arts from the University of Montana and a bachelor s degree in Visual Arts from Loyola University in New Orleans, LA.

Flynn noted, We are in the heart of Appalachia. When you look out our windows or walk around our campus, you are surrounded by nature, the foothills, the flow of Troublesome Creek, and wildlife right at our doorstep. The Kentucky School of Craft is iconic Eastern Kentucky and I believe our success lies in a grassroots movement that starts with those native to the region that treasure the uniqueness of Appalachia. As we expand to become a nationally recognized art organization, we will not only promote the arts but also personify local culture.

If you have any questions regarding the School of Craft s programing or ideas for community engagement or outreach opportunities please feel free to contact Michael Flynn at (606) 487-3113.