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Motorized wheel chair donated to HCTC student

Hugo Back, Paula Brewer, and Dr. Steve Greiner

HCTC student Paula Brewer (in center) received a motorized wheel chair from Professor Hugo Back s family in North Carolina. Professor Back, on left, is shown here with HCTC President Dr. Steve Greiner.

Teachers want to help students however they can so when HCTC Professor John Hugo Back saw his student Paula Brewer without a motorized wheel chair, he knew a source and had a newer and improved chair donated to the student.

Ms. Brewer is just completing her first semester at Hazard Community and Technical College and she s so pleased to receive the new chair from Hugo Back s family. Hugo s sister-in-law, Linda Diane Dean, passed away and her husband, Glen Dean of Lenoir, North Carolina donated the chair so Ms. Brewer could benefit from its use. Hugo Back s step-daughter, Joyce King, made the contact with Dean to donate the chair to Paula. Hugo s late wife used the chair for a short time before she died.

I m very strong in my arms from manually operating this wheel chair, Ms. Brewer said, but now I can use the motorized chair when I m home. I used to stay in my room a lot but now with the new chair, I can get around more.

She told Hugo Back how thankful she is of his family. You have no idea how much I appreciate this. You made it possible for me to be more independent and I m extremely grateful.

The 2011 Perry County Central graduate lives with her grandparents, Diane and Charles Brewer. Despite being in a wheelchair, she said she will continue her school work. There is no excuse not to get an education. If there is a will there is a way. I m a firm believer in getting an education, Ms. Brewer said.

Hugo Back is quick to keep the emphasis off his role in making the gift possible for the student. I m thankful my family was able to help, he said.

HCTC President Dr. Steve Greiner applauded Paula for her enthusiasm and dedication for getting an education and he praised Hugo Back for his thoughtfulness. Our faculty members are a very caring group of people who want what is best for our students. The goodwill Professor Back took to help this student is yet another example of the caring atmosphere at HCTC, he said.