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Missoula Childrens Theatre production of Hansel and Gretel

performers at try outsA total of 64 kids in grades 1 through 12 from Breathitt, Knott, and Perry counties came out for auditions on Monday, Aug. 13 for the Hansel and Gretel performance on Saturday, Aug. 18 at 7 p.m. in HCTC s First Federal Center as part of the 40th season of the Greater Hazard Area Performing Arts Series.

The students are from 14 different schools: A.B. Combs Elementary (ABC); Dennis Wooton Elementary (DW); Emmalena Elementary (E); Hazard High School (HHS); Hazard Middle School (HMS); Home School (HS); Leatherwood Elementary (L); Marie Roberts Caney Elementary (MRC); Roy G. Eversole Elementary (RGE); R. W. Combs Elementary; (RWC); Perry County Central High School (PCC); Viper Elementary (V); Wabaco Christian Academy (WCA); and Willard Elementary (W).
The actors are: Hank/Hansel, Frank Davidson (HS); Gretchen/Gretel, Mandee Barnett (HHS); Wildwood Witch, Kennedy Bailey (ABC); Cooks: Ben Bolling (HS), Brittany Bolling (HS), Jaime Campbell (HHS), Robert Davidson (HS), Brianna Dunnigan (V), Lindsey Eddington (RWC), Makenna Kersey (L), Hannah Melton (PCC).

New Campers: Bailey Asher (DW), Leslie Burgett (V), Maggie Chapman (RGE), Frank Claussen (WCA), Victoria Clayton (HMS), Autumn Collins (W), Madison Collins (RWC), Cherise Davidson (HMS), McCall Davis (HMS), Myra Davis (HMS), Madison Eddington (RGE), Cameron Maggard (V), Miranda McIntyre (E), Ben Melton (ABC), Brooklyn North (HMS), Carlina Pratt.
Old Campers: Jody Caudill (V), Anna Combs (W), Caitlynn Fugate (ABC), Nick Gibson (W), Megan Turner (HMS); Nasties: Madison Campbell (V), Phoebe Centers (DW), Laci Davidson (RGE), Katie Dunnigan (V), Haley Fugate (V), Ben Handshoe (RGE), Hope Holbrook (RWC), Mary Margaret McReynolds (DW), Amber Mercer (RWC), McKenzie Moore (HMS), Haley Patterson (RWC), Matthew Sexton (V), Keely Walker (DW), Maci Woods (RGE).

Wallybirds: Destiny Banks (MRC), Hannah Estep (RWC), Jaycie Eversole (RWC), Lucas Gibson (W), Alyssa Hall (RWC), Gabe Hall (RWC), Dylan Howard (W), Lily Williams-Lucero (RGE),William McReynolds (DW), Madyson Miles (ABC), Sydney Miller (RWC), Jaymen Pratt (RWC), Aubrey Sherman (RWC), Allyson Slone (W).

Assistant Directors: Cory Coots (HHS), Erika Cummins (W), Corey Messer (V), John Britt Strong (HMS); and Accompanist, Letha Patterson.

Admission to the show is only $10 for adults and $5 for students.

For more information, contact Tammy Duff at 487-3067.