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Kentucky School of Craft spring offerings

pouring concrete for an art projectStudents get creative in casting concrete. Sign up for a fine arts class today.

The Spring 2014 classes in the Associate in Fine Arts Program are:

ART 281:Digital Photography I: Hazard and Lees
Introduction to the skills, techniques and applications needed to create and manipulate digital photographs and to develop an understanding of photography as a fine art medium. Instruction will include the use of the digital camera and its controls to compose and capture photographs, scanning, printing and using Adobe Photoshop as a digital darkroom .

ART 241: Ceramics I: Hazard
Introduces a variety of forming and finishing techniques used in working with clay and glaze. Hand building, wheel throwing, surface alteration and glazing will be investigated, along with a brief overview of ceramic history, aesthetics and studio safety.

ART 260: Sculpture I: School of Craft
Studio investigation of the technical and formal concerns of three-dimensional expression. Basic sculptural methods of modeling, casting, carving and assembling will be explored in a variety of media.

ART 232: Jewelry/Metals: School of Craft
Introduces the aesthetic and technical issues relating to basic metalsmithing techniques such as sawing, filing, piercing, forging, forming, soldering, and finishing. Employs demonstrations and hands-on work to present the concepts of metal manipulation. Emphasizes instructor-led critiques. Provides an introduction to historical and contemporary metal work.

Art 100: Introduction to Art: Hazard, Lees, On-line
Provides a basic overview of the study, language, history and cultural relevance of visual art and is designed primarily for non-art majors. Utilizes visually-enhanced lectures and may include optional introductory studio experiences.

To learn more about this offerings, contact Michael Flynn at (606) 487-3113.