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James King honored for technology work

James King, Information Technology Manager at Hazard Community and Technical College, is recipient of a newly-created award as an unsung hero. The “James King Better Lives Scholarship” was created in his honor by KCTCS President Dr. Jay Box, and his wife, Gayle. Dr. Box made the announcement of the award on March 5 during a reception honoring his June 30 retirement as KCTCS president. King was recognized for his dedication to student and employees and support of technology.

A majority of college-wide upgrades and changes are completed during after hours to ensure students and employees can do their work. If the network goes down, then phones do not work and there is very limited computer usage without the network. Technology has become a utility that is expected to be readily available for use when employees come to work and students come to campus whether it is in the office, the classroom, assisting with controlling the HVAC. With six different campuses, it takes a team effort from Technology Solutions to make sure that everything is running correctly.  “Technology plays an important part of education. Ensuring technology is working properly for our students is a primary goal of Technology Solutions,” King noted.  “I’m honored to have been chosen by Dr. and Mrs. Box as they established this scholarship in my name. That is quite an honor and I feel very humbled. I also want to express my gratitude and thanks to my department and coworkers because of all their hard work to ensure our students come first,” King said.

James King began his journey first as a student with HCTC where he worked as a lab assistant in the Work Study program. After completing his associate degree and a bachelor’s degree, James applied for a position at the college with Technology Solutions as a project manager. As Dr. Box told the crowd, “James is a quiet, unsung hero for the college, often working long into the evening after many have gone home to ensure network upgrades or patches are done during times not to disrupt student or employee connectivity.  James does this because he knows the struggles our students have with internet access at home and distance some travel to campus.”

HCTC President Dr. Jennifer Lindon said King was very deserving of the award. “I’m so happy to see Dr. Box and Gayle recognize James for all of his contributions. No one would believe all that goes on behind the scenes to keep technology running smoothly. James has the expertise and the dedication to handle this job very well,” she said.

Donna Roark, Chief Information Officer, agrees. “We have a fabulous team working to take care of the college’s needs. I’m so glad to see such a unique honor bestowed upon such an outstanding employee,” she said.

King’s work was recognized by HCTC and KCTCS in 2012, when he was presented with the New Horizon Award.  King, of Jackson, started working at the college full-time in December 2000.