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HCTC to offer new Criminal Justice program this fall

Students are invited to enroll in HCTC s new Criminal Justice program which is accepting students for this fall semester. Those graduating from the associate degree program will be prepared for entry into the field of police work and related occupations.

The program will have four options: Criminal Justice, Law Enforcement, Corrections, Security amp; Loss Prevention as well as a Computer Forensics Certificate.

HCTC President Dr. Steve Greiner noted, Criminal justice vocations have evolved from jobs with minimal requirements to jobs requiring complex knowledge and skills. This curriculum gives the student theory, principles, and techniques employed by criminal justice agencies and police units.

The program includes study of the law as it relates to criminal justice agencies, human behavior, government, and communications along with specialized course work. With experience, the program graduates may move into administrative or supervisory positions in corrections, security, and/or law enforcement.

Potential employers in the HCTC area have indicated a need for education and further training in theory, principles, and techniques used by law enforcement agencies, correctional institutions, and police units. According to the results of a HCTC program needs assessment survey, 90 percent of potential employers including the Kentucky State Police and all county and municipal law enforcement agencies indicated a need for this program, noted Dr. R. Kathy Smoot, Provost and Vice President of Academics.

Neil Brashear, Dean of Occupational Technical Studies, said, Offering the Criminal Justice Degree program in Hazard means more people can enter criminal justice system professions. The program is ideal for graduates to be employed in criminal justice facilities and will increase the professional expertise of Kentucky workers.

Graduates will be able to complete the associate degree locally and also pursue their bachelor s degree through the University Center of the Mountains. Eastern Kentucky University is very interested in collaborating with HCTC and has agreed to accept the majority of HCTC s Criminal Justice classes.

HCTC received approval June 17 from the Kentucky Community and Technical College System to offer the degree.

To enroll in this or any HCTC program, call 487-3102.