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HCTC success story: Ashley Mullins

For Ashley Mullins of Cutshin, writing just comes naturally. While a student at Hazard Community and Technical College, her love for writing blossomed and her passion for writing is one reason she has been chosen to the University of Kentucky s The Twenty.

The Twenty is an advanced summer writing program for serious young writers throughout the state. Twenty young people have been chosen to be in Hindman June 26-30 to take part in workshops and lectures. It's going to be an environment where writers can foster their creative energy, share their experiences, and learn how to hone their skills, Mullins said, who transferred from HCTC to EKU in Fall 2009.

I've been writing and telling stories for as long as I can remember. It's always been a part of my life and my identity, she noted. Mullins began attending HCTC in the Fall of 2007 and shortly thereafter she became a Student Editor of Kudzu, HCTC s literary magazine. That was my first hands-on experience in working with other writers to produce a magazine. It was an incredible experience and one that renewed my love for the written word. Mullins has been published in Kudzu and other college literary magazines, and she said she know that writing will always be a part of her life.

Mullins treasures her days as an HCTC student. My experience at HCTC was a very positive one. The people and professors that I met there allowed me to set up a network of friends and allies that I've maintained since I left. The close-knit, community feeling on campus is something that I miss.

I would absolutely recommend HCTC to others. It's a wonderful place to get started and to achieve your potential, she said. The faculty members at HCTC are some of the most supportive, caring individuals that I've ever interacted with. The professors care about their students and the material. That's something that's often lacking in other educational environments.

Without the foundation and encouragement that I received from HCTC and Professor Lucero, I would have never been able to make being named to The Twenty. It's something I so look forward to doing. I couldn't be more excited!

Professor Lucero noted, From the very beginning I saw Ms. Mullins as the most naturally gifted writers I have had the honor to teach. I saw great promise in her work, just brimming with talent. Lucero is especially pleased with her work with Kudzu. When she first interviewed for the position of editor, we were very impressed. She was a firecracker. She was full of energy and ideas.

Professor Lucero praised Mullins for her poetry. Although her fiction and nonfiction work is wonderful her poetry is full of evocative images and a playful use of language. She has a real knack for taking a phrase or construction and kind of turning it in on itself so you feel this trembling fragility in the poem and then in the world, the professor stated.

Educational goals for Mullins include graduating from EKU with a bachelor s degree in English. Then she plans to obtain a master s degree. Ultimately, I'd love to be a college professor and spend some time teaching English abroad.

Ashley is the daughter of Rex and Debbie Mullins.

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