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HCTC student working toward job in medical information

Kerri WilliamsKerri Williams is happy and feeling accomplished because of the training she has completed through the Accelerating Opportunity grant at Hazard Community and Technical College.

That feeling is a big switch from when she dropped out of high school. Her new endeavors have her looking toward a goal of working in the medical field in administration.

At age 30, she completed her GED in May and plans to enroll in classes in the fall semester. Thinking of my kids is what really drives me, said the mother of two. I want a better life for them and for myself.

Mrs. Williams took action by making regular trips to the Appalachian Lifelong Learning Center. The staff is wonderful; they help you in any way they can, she said.

Enrolling is one action she recommends to others. It is a wonderful opportunity. If I can do it anyone can. I really want everyone to know, they can do anything if they put in the dedication.

Lucy Langdon is the Coordinator of the program. Lucy is the brains of it all. She puts everything together. She really supported me through the training. She supported me and told me You can do it.

Ms. Langdon noted, "Even at the onset of the Phlebotomy Pathway Orientation, Kerri expressed her determination for obtaining her GED. She attended the supplemental GED classes while completing her college coursework and accomplished her educational goals of passing her GED and completing the AO Phlebotomy Pathway. Kerri used that drive and determination for seeking employment. She attended the job fair at the Kentucky Career Center Perry County Jobsight and was interviewed for several positions. Kerri certainly took the initiative to further her education and to seek employment. It was an honor to work with such an inspiring student!"

Kerri and her husband, Christopher Williams, live in Slemp with their children.

Anyone interested in education opportunities through Accelerating Opportunity can contact Ms. Langdon at (606) 487-3577.