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HCTC student studied Appalachian Studies

Jonneatha Boggs from HCTC graduation in May 2012.

Jonneatha BoggsLearning about the region was so important to Jonneatha Boggs of Breathitt County, she enrolled in Appalachian Studies classes at Hazard Community and Technical College. She graduated in May 2012 with a certificate in that very field because she was so committed to a better understanding of the area.

I enrolled in the Appalachian Studies because I wanted to know about the region on a larger scale rather than just Breathitt County. I wanted to know about my families roots because my dad s roots are from Harlan County even though they would later migrate to Michigan and my mom s roots can be traced back to Belfrey, WV. I was curious because no one ever spoke about those areas because neither of my parents grew up in the mountains, Ms. Boggs said.

The mountains are very dear to me; it s like coming home when you see the foothills rise up coming through Powell County and the Mountain Parkway, she noted.

Jonneatha enjoyed her classes with faculty member Tim Dunn. I learned that the majority of people here can trace their heritage back to the Scotch-Irish and that we as a people are unique in our way of life.

Her career goals include becoming a graphic designer and opening her own business. Another project she has in mind is a photo book on the Eastern Kentucky Appalachian culture.

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