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HCTC Professor Wood presents on astronomy at national conference

Jeremy Wood in California at conferenceProfessor Jeremy Wood of HCTC presented a poster on The Dynamical Evolution of Centaurs, Which Become Comets at the Division of Planetary Sciences (DPS) conference sponsored by the American Astronomical Society in Pasadena, CA, Oct. 17 to 21. Wood, who teaches physics and astronomy, is a Ph.D. student in astronomy, and he enjoyed meeting with fellow professors from other countries, as well as throughout the U.S. The convention center where the conference was held was in close proximity to the Planetary Society, which Wood visited and even got to sit in the office chair of Bill Nye (the science guy). As a Star Trek enthusiast, Professor Wood was excited to meet Robert Picardo at the Planetary Society. Picardo appeared on the show Star Trek Voyager. A total of 1,416 registrants and guests attended the conference. This was a joint U.S.-European meeting, so there were hundreds of European planetary scientists attending, from more than a dozen European countries (both Eastern and Western). Attendees also were from Japan, the Middle East, Russia, and Korea. It was a truly international gathering.