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HCTC Professor Billie Lynes fondly remembered

Professor Billie Lynes was fondly remembered at funeral services held Aug. 27 following her sudden death. Ms. Lynes served HCTC as professor of Office Systems and Coordinator of the Business Administration Program and had worked for the college since 1979.

English Professor Linda Blair wrote words that Professor Richard Crowe included in his eulogy:

Over the years I have come to think of Billie Lynes as a soothsayer, a sage, who like many of the rest of us have lived a few years and maybe gained some degree of wisdom. I d pass Billie in the hall, and she d voice her opinion on the latest changes going on at the college. Most of them she had a doubt about. Sometimes she d call me on the phone to ask a grammar question, but she usually led the conversation to ask what I thought about some political issue, state or national, what the governor or president was up to, or about the direction the college seemed to be moving in. She had definite ideas about all these. She d usually end by nodding her head once and saying, Well, mark my words. We ll just wait and see.

I did mark Billie s words and waited to see. Sure enough, every time, it seemed things always turned out just about like Billie had predicted. I can t think of a single thing she said was apt to happen that didn t. Often, others and I would look at each other and say, I don t know why we should be surprised. This is exactly the way Billie Lynes said it would turn out.

We learned today that Billie Lynes died last night, right in the middle of life. It is a great way to go when the time comes, but this time came too soon. Sandra Blandau remarked today that Billie always said she d die in her sixties. She called it right. Billie retired once and took up the same work again.

I will miss Billie. With each going, each absence, the atmosphere changes. The wind blows a different way, the sun slants a new shadow, petals drop away, and I whisper another goodbye to my friend and colleague, Mrs. Blair stated.

Ella Strong, HCTC Director for Virtual Learning Initiatives, shares Mrs. Blair s sentiment about the professor. Billie Lynes taught me a lot of things, especially love, kindness, and patience. Billie was one who never saw a stranger and had kind words for anyone who landed on her door step. She was dedicated in her teachings and with helping students.

Billie was one of the most caring persons I have ever known. I will miss her guidance and wise words. Anytime I needed advice or needed to talk she was always there with an open door and open arms. I will miss her tremendously and beyond any capacity that anyone could ever know. Billie was a dedicated mother, grandmother, friend, and teacher. She loved her students (even after retirement), loved her family especially her granddaughter Kelly, loved her friends, and loved animals (big and small). She was filled with such a kind spirit and love for all those around her. She was always there for you and would help if she could. I will never forget Billie and the impact she has had on me in my life.

Billie hired me 20 years ago and gave me opportunities to advance and do other jobs; she mentored me with wise words to remember and how to treat other with kindness and how you would want to be treated. She showed me the ropes and I will never forget her. My heart goes out to her family, especially Christy and Kelly, Ms. Strong said.

Ms. Lynes was the recipient of the John Brown Outstanding Faculty Award for 2006. She taught all the office system classes; medical terminology for 23 years; and taught management, communication, and business math at the College. Prior to moving to Kentucky, she taught high school at St. Vincents High School in Perryville, Missouri.

Ms. Lynes held a bachelor s degree in Business Education and a master s degree in Vocational/Business Education from Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, Ill.

She is survived by two children who have also become teachers. Son Norman Lynes has been teaching history in Kuwait and daughter Christy Martin teaches practical nursing at the Technical Campus of HCTC.