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HCTC president to discuss Rupps Runts

WJSN radio (106.5 FM) in Jackson will feature HCTC President Dr. Steve Greiner on Wednesday, Feb. 2 at 10 a.m. to discuss Rupp s Runts. Dr. Greiner knew Pat Riley and the other Rupp Runts while he was a student at the University of Kentucky, and he has a few stories to tell to the show s hosts, Cluster Howard and Doug Neace.

Adolph Rupp was one of the most successful coaches in the history of American college basketball. The 1965-66 UK team earned this nickname because the tallest man among the Wildcats starting five was guard Tommy Kron, at 6-5. Center Thad Jaracz, who worked his way into the starting lineup, was also 6-5, while forwards Larry Conley and Pat Riley were 6-4 and guard Louie Dampier was 6-0. The team became one of Rupp s favorites during his long tenure at Kentucky. Before the season started, Rupp commented, I honestly believe that man-for-man we just might have in the making a better team than we had in 1958, when we won the national championship. The Runts did indeed turn out to be one of the outstanding teams in UK s glorious history, compiling a sparkling 27-2 record, but coming just one win shy of the NCAA title when upset by Texas Western (now UTEP) in the finals, 72-65.

When we heard Dr. Greiner had a special bond with Rupp s Runts, we knew that was a program our listeners would want to hear. We look forward to talking to him Feb. 2, noted Doug Neace, station manager.