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HCTC Part-time Students Named to Deans Honor List

The following Hazard Community and Technical College students have been named to the Part-time Students Dean s List for the spring 2013 semester. The Part-Time Dean s List is for students who complete 3 to 11 HCTC semester credits for the academic term and have earned at least a cumulative 3.5 grade point average. These students must have also successfully completed a cumulative total of at least 15 HCTC semester credits of course work numbered 100 or above.

Those honored are:

Breathitt County - Alaina Bailey of Jackson, Tara Bryant of Jackson, Tammy Childers of Jackson, Maranda Collins of Jackson, William Collins of Jackson, Aaron Combs of Jackson, Flossie Combs of Jackson, Vickie Combs of Jackson, Chad Davidson of Jackson, Darren Fisher of Lost Creek, Mary Hamilton of Jackson, Jody Howard of Clayhole, Lena Howard of Clayhole, John Lucas of Jackson, Charlie Morris of Jackson, Margie Neace of Jackson, Kayla Noble of Lost Creek, Kristie Noble of Lost Creek, Debra Patton of Jackson, John Pence of Jackson, Kayla Romero of Campton, Brett Smith of Jackson, Ashley Terry of Jackson, Erica Turner of Jackson, Randall Turner of Lost Creek, Susan Turner of Jackson, Dallas Warren of Jackson.

Bullitt County - Ashley Cox of Mount Washington.

Clay County - Tammy Davidson of Oneida, Crystal Smith of Manchester.

Floyd County - Maria Curry of Melvin, Megan Hunt of Allen.

Jessamine County - Alisha Dierdorff of Nicholasville, Frances Everage of Nicholasville.

Johnson County - Christina Baldwin of Staffordsville, Andrea Bennett of Hagerhill.

Knott County - David Burns of Littcarr, Phillip Combs of Mallie, Stephanie Crager of Mallie, Tia Dobson of Hindman, Shelia Hatmaker of Raven, Alysia Johnson of Garner, Jason Jones of Hindman, Virginia Patrick of Carrie, Keisha Perkins of Carrie, Kevin Slone of Carrie, Whitney Slone of Pippa Passes, Britney Smith of Bulan, Ashley Taylor of Hindman, Bristol Taylor of Topmost, Shawnda Thacker of Mallie, Natasha Thomas of Kite.

Lee County - Jamie Deaton, Shaunacy Dixon, Ashly Hogan, Daniel Jewell, Pamela Kehler, Jennifer Lutes, John Smith, Melissa Smith, Brianna Traylor, all of Beattyville.

Leslie County - Mollie Bentley of Hyden, Rhonda Brashear of Hyden, Candice Collins of Bear Branch, Lanaya Couch of Hyden, Kimberly Couch of Wooton, Christopher Gray of Wooton, Karyn Haley of Yeaddiss, Christian Hendrix of Hyden, Tiffany Lewis of Essie, Rebecca Mitchell of Yeaddiss, Lisa Morgan of Essie, April Morgan of Wooton, Linda Morgan of Stinnett, Charlene Morgan of Essie, Daronica Roberts of Hyden, Jared Smith of Essie, Kenneth Wells of Smilax, Amanda Wilkinson of Hyden, Angela Williams of Hyden, , Anthony Wooton of Hyden, Timothy Wooton of Smilax.

Letcher County - Amber Combs of Blackey, Larry Hatton of Whitesburg, Whitney Haynes of Letcher, Seldon Kincer of Mayking.

Madison County - Samantha Ritchie of Richmond.

Marion County - Kevin Stamper of Lebanon.

Morgan County - Scott Bolin of Ezel, Eric Conley of West Liberty, Melissia Davis of Ezel.

Owsley County - Michael Anderson of Booneville, William Bowling of Booneville, Kalisha Brandenburg of Booneville, Robert Burch of Booneville, Laken Campbell of Booneville, Kaylee Campbell of Booneville, Gregory Chapman of Booneville, Brandon Hudson of Booneville, Cody Johnson of Booneville, Brandi Mayes of Booneville, Latoya Mcintosh of Booneville, Austin Mcqueen of Booneville, Georgia Murrell of Booneville, Faith Peters of Booneville, Tonya Peters of Ricetown,.

Perry County - Timothy Baker of Busy, Nicole Barger of Hazard, Kelley Beverly of Vicco, Sarah Bishop of Hazard, John Blank of Hazard, Shiloh Brace of Hazard, Megan Brewer of Chavies, Amber Bryant of Hazard, Heather Bush of Bulan, Jordan Combs of Bulan, Karen Combs of Bulan, Michael Combs of Cornettsville, Glenn Cornett of Dwarf, Carl Couch of Vicco, Ovie Crawford of Bulan, Janice Crider of Jeff, Bridgette Cuddy of Hazard, Justin Davidson of Hazard, Matthew Dean of Busy, Katie Deaton of Hazard, Amy Dunn of Vicco, Charlie Elrod of Hazard, Ancil Epperson of Hazard, Jennifer Erwin of Hazard, Melanie Erwin of Hazard.
And, David Eversole of Vicco, Samantha Eversole of Chavies, Shania Fields of Hazard, Sylvia Fryman of Bonnyman, Jason Gayheart of Happy, William Gibson of Hazard, Kelli Haddix of Hazard, Anna Hale of Hazard, Tasha Hernandez of Hazard, Joshua Hollan of Bonnyman, Kimberly Hopper of Bulan, Carolene Huff of Hazard, Kelsie Jacobs of Hazard, Christopher Jones of Ary, Cody Jones of Hazard, Destini Jones of Hazard, Katherine Jones of Hazard, Patricia Jones of Bulan, Kayla Joseph of Viper, Banissa Kinder of Hazard, Linda Lewis of Happy, Lily Maggard of Hazard, Bobby Marcum of Hazard, Savana Mcintosh of Chavies.
Also, Brittany Miller of Hazard, Derrick Miller of Bulan, Teasha Miniard of Krypton, Petal Missette of Hazard, Kathryn Morgan of Hazard, Sharon Morris of Hazard, Steven Napier of Bulan, Maddison Niece of Hazard, Alexandria Noble of Hazard, George Potter of Happy, Dustin Robinet of Hazard, Jeffery Sandlin of Buckhorn, Robert Shepherd of Hazard, Don Smith of Bulan, Anthony Smith of Hazard, Jack Stacy of Vicco, Cheryl Teague of Hazard, Randall Trent of Jeff, Lyle Turner of Yerkes, Cara Vanvranken of Hazard, Aleshia Whitaker of Cornettsville, Rachael White of Happy, Maranda Williams of Viper, Jennifer Wirtz of Hazard.

Wolfe County - Judith Adams of Campton, Lauren Banks of Campton, Sarah Blackburn of Campton, Arthur Britton of Campton, Junnie Brooks of Campton, Amanda Bush of Campton, Belinda Ferguson of Campton, Brittany Flinchum of Campton, Lynsey Graham of Campton, Zachary Griffith of Campton, Peggy Jamison of Rogers, Eddie Over of Campton, Penny Perry of Campton, Serina Prater of Campton, Richard Ramsey of Campton, Helen Spencer of Pine Ridge.