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HCTC offers Energy Auditor training

When Don Davis of Somerset decided he needed to boost his business as an electrical contractor, he enrolled himself in the Energy Auditor Training program in order to provide a better service to his customers and another source of income for himself.

This is a service I can offer to my customers and a way to set myself apart from the competition, said Davis. I'm learning to save people money and everyone can appreciate that.

But saving money is only part of the Energy Auditor Training program at Hazard Community and Technical College, which offers Building Performance Institute (BPI) certification, the most widely recognized association in the nation in home performance contracting, to contractors and those in the home building or remodeling services. The program also teaches contractors how to evaluate the efficiency of a home, test for potentially life-threatening issues and make recommendations for homeowners on solving energy-related problems.

Money is available for homeowners who make energy efficient choices when building new or retrofitting their existing home. To qualify for the assistance, however, the inspector must be BPI certified. Through this program, HCTC is providing another outlet to contractors and also doing a service to the people of our community by having these professionals as part of our local workforce. The training will be held at HCTC s Technical Campus in the spring. This class is open to the first 15 who register.

For Davis, owner of Davis Electric in Somerset, it was a chance to build his business.

There are a lot of changes and upgrades that I see out there that need to be done in order to save the homeowner money, said Davis. And, all homes will eventually require inspection. I hope to be at the forefront to inspect and service homes in the best and most efficient manner possible.

Becoming certified means additional work for local individuals. Homeowners have better access to those funds that can help them pay for energy efficient upgrades and they also know they are getting quality work. These contractors have knowledge and science backing them up and they should get clear, observable energy savings when working with a BPI certified contractor or inspector.

The program is recommended for anyone interested in a career in the building science and/or residential energy efficiency professions. It is also designed for those already working as building contractors, general construction contractors, HVAC contractors, weatherization contractors, insulation contractors, energy auditors, home inspectors, architects/designers, engineers, utility representatives, HERS raters and remodelers.

Eventually, all new structures, both residential and commercial are going to have to be around 40 percent more efficient to meet the new model energy codes.

Training is available with HCTC and those interested can contact Dr. Jennifer Lindon at jennifer.lindon@kctcs.edu or 606-487-3136.