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HCTC nursing success story: Logan Calhoun

Logan CalhounLogan Calhoun says it was not easy for him to juggle getting a nursing degree from Hazard Community and Technical College while working full time and seeing a new baby join his family, but he was able to handle all those demands. Reflecting on his success, Logan appreciates the effort he undertook to fulfill the dreams for his career.

Calhoun graduated in May 2015 with an associate s degree in applied science of nursing with a diploma for licensed practical nursing. He works at Hazard ARH in the Intensive Care Unit.

I had a wonderful educational experience at HCTC. I felt extremely prepared for my NCLEX. I had a great rapport with the faculty there. I truly appreciate the instructors at HCTC. They were really helpful in any area of content that I needed addressed. If I questioned any content, they were quick to help me understand it.

It actually shocked me that I had as much knowledge as I did about nursing when I started working. I would highly recommend HCTC to others. It's close to home and you can get the same experience and education here as you would anywhere else.

Calhoun said he worked more than 40 hours a week at the psychiatric assisted living facility, Caney Creek Rehabilitation Complex, while going to nursing school in order to support he and his wife, who also worked there as well. During his second semester of nursing school, he found out they were expecting their first child, who was born during my third semester of school. Balancing the care of a newborn and a full time job definitely made it hard trying to balance being a full time nursing student, but I managed, he said.
Because education is so important to Calhoun, he plans to continue his path to either become a nurse practitioner or a CRNA. He plans to start on his bachelor s degree soon.

Calhoun and many members of his extended family work in the medical profession. His wife, Carla Calhoun, is an activity director/administrative assistant at Caney Creek Rehabilitation Center. His mother, Thelma Calhoun, is an LPN at Whitesburg ARH and is working toward becoming a registered nurse. His father, Scott, is a disabled coal miner. His brother, Bradley, works for the Kentucky State Police, and a sister, Laikyne, is enrolled at HCTC with a goal of entering nursing program at HCTC.