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HCTC Learn on Demand Success Story: Daniel Rothenbusch

Daniel RothenbuschThe convenience of the online education program Learn on Demand has made it possible for Daniel Rothenbusch of Lexington to obtain an Associate in Applied Science degree from Hazard Community and Technical College. He will graduate in December after taking classes in Information Technology with the Networking Administration option.

Rothenbusch, age 35, worked full time at Time Warner Cable while completing this degree. He plans to enroll in classes in January so he can obtain a bachelor s degree from Western Kentucky University.

For him, Learn on Demand was the ideal option. Since I have irregular work hours it was the only alternative that made sense to me if I wanted to get my degree. I think if you have self-discipline it is the way to go. I really like the flexibility of the program and the ability to learn on your own pace. For me that meant that I was able to complete most courses faster than if I would have taken the courses at the College.

Rothenbusch recommends Learn on Demand to others. One of my co-workers has started taking classes and it is something that I as a supervisor recommend to my employees. I think the quality of instruction was excellent. The courses force you to read the material top to bottom and to me they simulate the real world more closely since you have to learn the material on your own. The faculty is very accessible in case you need help or when you get stuck or have questions.

HCTC faculty also received his praise. The faculty that I have had interaction with was very nice and knowledgeable. They were accessible to me and very responsive to any questions I have had. I have noticed that many of them answer emails even outside what I would consider regular work hours.

I think this program is a great start to my education, and I believe it is important to my career goals. I also like that it is administered by a public college and all my credits transfer to a degree program at a four-year university.

Learn on Demand is a revolution in online education. The program offers both full courses and bite-size classes. Bite-size classes are about 3 to 5 weeks long and are called modules. Learn on Demand full course offerings are 15-weeks long and include all modules required in a full course. You can start on a schedule you choose (any day of the year). Modules build toward complete courses for accredited affordable degrees, certificates, and diplomas. While these offerings are primarily offered online, some require exams and lab activities that may take place at an approved location convenient for the student.

Dr. Ella Strong, Dean of Distance Learning, noted, Learn on Demand is a good alternative for students, like Daniel, who have busy lives with career and family responsibilities. Learn on Demand gives students opportunity to build credit toward a credential and help advance them in a job they may already have. Daniel is a hard-working, dedicated student and he was always in constant contact with his instructors. I am glad to have had the honor to work with and help Daniel while here at HCTC. I am so glad that Daniel is continuing his academic career at WKU and wish him the best success in his job and in life.

To learn more about Learn on Demand and other online education options, please contact Dr. Ella.Strong@kctcs.edu or call Dr. Strong at (606) 487-3208 or visit http://learnondemand.kctcs.edu/