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HCTC dean receives PhD in leadership

Jennifer Lindon, HCTC Academic Services Dean for Continuing Education, Workforce and Community Development, has completed all her coursework for a Ph.D. in Community College Leadership from Mississippi State University.

I decided to pursue the degree because of the future need for leadership in community and technical colleges. As the workforce in the higher education area ages, there will be a steady number of openings in the leadership arena, noted Dr. Lindon.

In her studies, she learned quite a bit about rural community colleges and their structure and culture. I appreciated the MSU curriculum because it had the rural focus available. The curriculum included courses in higher education law, research, statistics, rural government, finance, community college history and community development, she said.

Taking the classes has helped her to see the larger picture when making decisions within her departmental area, she said, adding that her future career goals would include becoming a chief academic officer, provost or possibly a president of a community and technical college.

The graduate classes were delivered in a variety of modes -- some classes were online, some were through interactive television, and others were held several weekends per semester in Middlesboro at Southeast Kentucky Community and Technical College.

Dr. R. Kathy Smoot praised Dr. Lindon for her work. Jennifer s leadership and collaboration skills are a real asset to the Academic Services team. It s remarkable that she has been able to perform her job duties with the utmost of energy and drive, working full time while maintaining such a strenuous schedule of taking classes and earning her advanced degree. She demonstrates that a person really can achieve their dreams if they are willing to persist and work hard, Dr. Smoot said.

HCTC Interim President, Dr. Kris Williams, also praised Dr. Lindon. Earning this highest level of education opens doors for advancement to Dr. Lindon. We re fortunate to have her serving HCTC as a dean and for her personal commitment of excellence. The College benefits from her professionalism and now from her increased level of education.