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HCTC and UCM success story: Carla Singleton

Carla SingletonCarla Singleton loves her life today and says she is a completely different person than she was. She owes that transformation to education and is proud she took the first step of enrolling at Hazard Community and Technical College.

At first she was a stay-at-home Mom until she began working at Faulkner s Garage in sales, as assistant manager, and finance manager for 12 years. When the place went out of business, she decided to attend college. Now at age 55, she s thankful for that step because she is a FPP Specialist with KVC/Croney amp; Clark in Hazard.

Ms. Singleton had traumatic experiences in 1996 to 2000 when she suffered a breakdown. I couldn t remember my name; I couldn t type. I was treated at Charter Ridge Rehabilitation in Lexington and I was on a lot of different medications, she said. She also said she is convinced that education helped heal me because she focused on learning and not on herself; she felt her life improved tremendously.

When I first came to school here, I was shy and backwards. I remember how English Professor Linda Blair was always encouraging me, Ms. Singleton said. Mrs. Blair watched me develop into a confident lady. Education has changed me a lot.

She sings the praises of the University Center of the Mountains because she was able to graduate in 2009 with a bachelor s degree without having to leave Hazard. Carla then went on to earn a master s degree and is currently working on a doctorate degree.

Her career goal is to work in the prisons with juveniles. Most people have given up on them. I want to work with them and give them hope and I want to teach them how to cope. These kids are surviving all kinds of setbacks and they need someone who sees the positive outlook their lives can take.

Education can change your life, Ms. Singleton said, encouraging others to enroll in college, regardless of their age.

Ms. Singleton lives in Chavies and has one son, Neil Singleton, and one grandchild.