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Focus on Faculty: HCTCs Diane Gibson

HCTC s Diane Gibson loves teaching and students enrolled in any of her classes get to witness that first hand. She teaches microbiology, anatomy and physiology, biology, and human ecology.

To be a student in Mrs. Gibson s class is to have hands-on learning. I like to get students to design their own experiments which answer a question we come across in class. I also like to keep students engaged by asking them to construct concept maps which help organize new terms and ideas or by answering questions from a case study. I enjoy incorporating case studies because they help prepare students who are looking at entering the medical field. From time to time I get clay out and have students create their own models, noted the HCTC instructor.

HCTC President Dr. Steve Greiner noted, Diane Gibson is an outstanding new faculty member with a genuine interest in helping students enjoy science.

She graduated Magna Cum Laude from Ohio University where she received a bachelor s degree in Psychology. Next, she enrolled at Louisiana Tech University where she earned her master s degree concentrating in environmental and cell and molecular biology.

Mrs. Gibson s thesis research project explored the relationship between bacteria isolated from a gasoline-contaminated site and how the bacteria responded to ozone sparging as the environmental remediation technique. She worked as a teaching assistant while she was at Louisiana Tech and ran several different biology labs, including microbiology. She also received a fellowship from the National Science Foundation which she said helped her improve her teaching skills by sending her to teach science labs at inner city and rural high schools and middle schools.

I love working with students to better their understanding of science. The biggest reward for me is when a student can show me that they have learned something as a result of my class. I also enjoy the academic atmosphere. I truly enjoy learning new things and the collegiate atmosphere is responsive to that.

Ms. Gibson said she is impressed with the science labs at HCTC. There are tons of models in the anatomy and physiology lab. We have a plethora of slides for microscopy. In fact, the microscopes in the microbiology lab are practically brand new and are kept in good condition. We have everything we need to run labs which would rival and even out-compete facilities at other colleges.

She is a believer in a community college education. Students have to meet rigorous goals set by faculty members and they are generally going to come out of school outperforming students from a state school. At the community college, students have access to their professor who is interested in them and their understanding of a topic.

Ms. Gibson s husband has been accepted to the nursing program beginning this fall. Together they are raising son, Brandon, who is approaching two years old.

She enjoys the outdoors and regularly participant in HCTC hiking club hikes. She grew up riding horses and competing in 4-H and FFA. She worked through her undergraduate degree at Ohio University training horses.

Ms. Gibson wants to make a contribution to her community. She enjoys working with kids and teaching and is interested in visiting local schools to discuss science or provide lab activities. She also is willing to help with scout troops.

She enjoys living in this region. I have met some of the most interesting and kind people here. This is truly a great community and a wonderful place to live.

Interested in enrolling in any of Diane Gibson s classes? Call 487-3102.