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Faculty member Linda Blair helps students succeed

Linda Blair

HCTC English and Reading Professor Linda Blair is a believer in the statement, They don t care how much you know until they know how much you care.

Through classwork, Linda validates the students life experiences through writing. Many of our students have such complex lives. They deal with taking care of family members or people who don t even want them to come to school; they worry about not having a job or a place to live. I try to help students no matter what their barriers are so they can get a good education.

Students find Linda easy to talk to and someone with whom they can share a problem or a good story. Her concern for students is evident. I help them as much as I can because I see them grow and change and become what they might not have thought possible.

Students have until August 10 to register for the fall semester. Begin by calling (606) 487-3102.