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Epperson graduates from high school and college in 2010

Not many students can obtain both a high school diploma and an associate s degree in the same year, but Kolby Epperson is on the fast track in getting his education. While at Hazard High School, Epperson worked toward earning his Associate s degree from HCTC, so starting this January, he will be a junior in college and working toward his bachelor s degree.

Epperson has earned an Associate in Arts degree this December, and he is only a few credits shy of receiving his Associate in Science degree as well. This education will help him as he pursues a degree in Political Science from Eastern Kentucky University.

Others can achieve the same level of success as Epperson if they take full advantage of a flexible high school schedule and online distance learning opportunities. While at HCTC, he enrolled in 13 on-line courses and took a total of 11 classes in-person.

Epperson is pleased, not only with the speed of his college work, but also the quality of the education that he has received from HCTC. The faculty here is equally compassionate, intellectual, and professional. I am very fortunate to have had the opportunity to learn under such remarkable individuals, Epperson said, adding, Ella Strong is one of the college s greatest assets. She is truly an extraordinary individual who goes the extra mile for the college and its learners.

Faculty member Strong noted, Students who want to accomplish what Kolby has done need to be very enthusiastic about learning, be able to learn on their own by being self-directed, be very motivated, be somewhat computer literate, and be able to deal with technical problems.

Epperson also adds, I would definitely recommend HCTC to others because it can provide students with an accredited, affordable, and quality education close to home.

Kolby is the oldest of three children and the son of John and Sheila Epperson of Hazard.

High school students interested in enrolling in college classes can call HCTC at 487-3102 or visit the college web site hazard.kctcs.edu for more information.