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EKCEPs Jeff Whitehead honored

In recognition of a great partnership, HCTC has named Jeff Whitehead, Executive Director of East Kentucky Concentrate Employment Program, (EKCEP) as recipient of the 2010 HCTC Advancement Award. Whitehead was recognized April 13 during Hazard Perry County Civic Night.

HCTC President Dr. Allen Goben and Dr. R. Kathy Smoot, Vice President and Provost, both commended Whitehead for his work. Jeff Whitehead leads one of the most dynamic organizations in the state. This high-performing organization has contributed more than $3 million in funding during the past year to the College, with a bulk of it going directly to help students design their future, noted Dr. Goben.

Dr. Smoot, who presented the award, praised Whitehead for his outstanding leadership ability, innovative thinking, and dedication.

Whitehead and the EKCEP staff have worked in recent years with HCTC on four major projects which include: more than $1.7 million in employer-centered WINS training programs supported by the agency at HCTC since 2007; supporting classes for Emergency Medical Technicians, Kentucky Medication Aides, Bank Tellers, Child Development Aides, Computer Fundamentals, Mining Certification, and Gas Metal Arc Welding at HCTC, by using Utilizing Recovery Act funds; a $1.3 million dollar grant in cooperation with Gov. Steve Beshear for the purchase of the 3-D virtual reality classrooms; and, in support of HCTC s Distance Earning Initiative, the agency is funding the position of the Distance Earning Specialist at HCTC.

Whitehead is a graduate of Morehead State University and Asbury Theological Seminary. In 1986 he was hired as the Employment Development Specialist for EKCEP. He was promoted to Deputy Director in May of 1993 and then Executive Director in January 1995. In 1996 he left EKCEP to pursue other avenues of his career. In 2000, he returned to EKCEP as the One-Stop Manager, and four months later he was promoted to Deputy Director. Today, Jeff Whitehead holds the position of Executive Director once again of the organization serving 23 counties.

In accepting the award and in true collaborative team spirit, Whitehead praised the EKCEP employees for their commitment to making a difference in the region.