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Cam Choy hired for HCTC Ky. School of Craft

Cam Choy comes to HCTC s Kentucky School of Craft from the University of Wisconsin at La Crosse where he was Professor of Art. This native of Hawaii is no stranger to Kentucky. He is a graduate of the UK where he earned a master of Fine Arts degree in sculpture. He holds a bachelor s degree in Fine Arts from the University of Notre Dame.

Hazard Community and Technical College President Dr. Steve Greiner said, Professor Choy brings an incredible amount of expertise and experience to HCTC. The creativity and quality of his sculpture work is very impressive.

Choy looks forward to his new role as faculty member. The School has amazing studio facilities and a charming atmosphere. I look forward to the summer session when I will be teaching Drawing and Sculpture. The program is a hidden gem of opportunity for young artists, Choy said. In the fall semester he will be teaching Drawing and Introduction to Art on the Hazard Campus.

Choy calls the facilities at the school top of the line. He vividly remembers his first visit. My jaw dropped when I stepped into the Woodworking Studio. The Metals Studio is just as impressive. The opportunity to teach in this kind of environment sealed the deal for me, he said.

Jeff Adams, Kentucky School of Craft director, noted, The School of Craft will be greatly benefited by the addition of Cam to our faulty. Cam s studio work is versatile and highly professional, and he brings to the classroom exceptional qualities as a teacher and mentor. I have no doubt he will quickly find himself attracting students to his courses here at HCTC.

Students in Choy s sculpture classes will learn how to control molten metal and they will be given the opportunity to create a personal vision. Along with technical skills, students are also encouraged to problem-solve when they approach a conceptual fork in the road. I hope to lead them to their own answers rather than relying on a textbook solution. Creativity is a wild animal, tamed only with practice and discipline. As a dedicated teacher, I hope to share my passion and enthusiasm with students in my classes, with the hope that they can forge their own path in life.

His teaching experience began in 1996. He has been praised for his teaching style and in 2009 he received the Recognition of Excellence from the College of Liberal Studies at the University of Wisconsin.

Choy has held numerous exhibitions and offered many lectures. He is a member of the Mid America College Art Association, College Art Association, Coalition of Active Sculpture Teachers, and International Sculpture Center.

Choy s hobbies include surfing and fishing.

Anyone interested in enrolling at the Kentucky School of Craft can call (606) 487-3140.