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Boggs credits UCM for their role in her education!

Kim Boggs of Hazard credits the University Center of the Mountains for her ability to obtain her degree and education. She chose the UCM because it was close to home, close to her job, and family. Prior to taking classes through the UCM, she graduated from HCTC. She said the costs for HCTC were very reasonable compared to the other colleges. "I really appreciated being able to work my classes around my work schedule," she said.

Mrs. Boggs said that HCTC and the UCM helped her turn her negative job loss into a positive. When Dawahares closed its doors, Kimberly's job was gone, so she decided to go back to school and finish her degree.

She earned her Associate of Arts degree through HCTC, graduating in May 2009, and a bachelor's degree in Health Care Administration through Midway/UCM, with graduation slated for this May.

"I would definitely recommend HCTC and the UCM to others, and I've have already told others how my education here has turned my life around."

"The classes which helped me the most are the ethics, human resources, insurance, economic, and accounting classes. Each course has a little of everything I will need in the business world. These classes will allow me to be informed in making wise and prudent business decisions with others in mind," she stated.

"I'm very proud of showing my daughter that education is the most important tool to give to yourself and family," noted Mrs. Boggs.

"Kim Boggs is a wonderful example of the type of students the UCM is able to serve. Our primary purpose is to provide improved access to higher education for individuals in our region who cannot and do not want to leave the area because they have family ties and/or jobs," observed Deronda Mobelini, Director for the University Center of the Mountains. "The UCM partners offer select bachelor degree programs available to students on the HCTC Hazard campus. What many do not realize is that students may take classes through the community college while also taking classes through the four-year degree granting college or university. This is a wonderful service to our region."

Kim became the director of the Hazard County Senior Citizens Center. "I wanted to do this job because I want to give back to others, and I wanted to have a career and balance my family life all at the same time. With this job I can do all three."

Kim is the daughter of Joe and Mable Maggard of Chavies. She is also married to Neal Boggs, a major supporter throughout her return to college. Her daughter is Lindsey Ambrose. Her step-sons are Austin Boggs and Zach Boggs.