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An Alumni Moment - Vicky and Phillip Broomall

The Lees College Homecoming Celebration will be held on October 25 and 26, 2013 on the Lees College Campus of HCTC. The following is a celebration of former Lees College students.

Vicky and Phillip BroomallVicky Broomall fondly remembers her time at Lees College, especially because that is where she met her husband, Phillip Broomall. Now, after 40 years of marriage, three kids, and two grandkids, they especially value their Lees College experience.

Lees gave a good foundation for the couple, as Vicky went on to obtain her bachelor's degree and Phillip now holds a doctoral degree. He is employed by the Kentucky Department for Environmental Protection. Vicky, a graduate of Dilce Combs High School in Perry County, is glad she enrolled at Lees. "Phillip and I have always been sentimental about Lees because we met there. We really enjoyed our time at Lees. It was an awesome experience for us."

Phillip recalled his early days. I originally came to Lees because I had flunked out of Purdue University in Indiana after three semesters. Lees had a program that gave students a second chance. I wasn t the only student there at that time working on the second chance. I remember driving down from Olive Hill, Kentucky, with my parents during the spring of 1970 for an interview with Dean Owen Collins. I don't remember much about the actual interview, but in June 1970 my parents dropped this Midwestern boy off at Lees Campus to attend summer school. Using the second chance, I worked on study habits and improved my grades. Along the way I met this skinny girl from Perry County and ended up marrying her on Feb. 9, 1971, he recalled.

Phillip has many memories, including when he and Vicky performed in the play The Vigil. Lees arranged to take the play on tour to different churches during the Lenten season of 1971 under the direction of Gary Heilsberg. Phillip played Pontius Pilate and Vicky played Lady Procula. After the performance at Middlesboro we were snowed in for the night and got back to campus the next day, Phillip recalled.

Mr. and Mrs. Broomall left Lees after the spring semester 1971. After the birth of their daughter in late 1971, he enrolled at Morehead State University where he completed a bachelor's degree in Biology and began work on a master's degree. From Morehead they moved to Muncie, Indiana where he was accepted into a doctoral teaching fellowship program for college science instructors at Ball State University. He was awarded a Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) in teaching of college science with emphasis in biology in December 1992.

Since then Dr. Broomall has worked for the state and has taught part-time for Sullivan University in Lexington, Midway College, and Bluegrass Community and Technical College (BCTC). Currently he is teaching medical microbiology for nursing and allied health students at BCTC's Lawrenceburg campus.

Vicky earned a bachelor of English from Ball State University. She was a teacher at the Burris Laboratory School located on the campus of Ball State and also taught in the Muncie City School system. Over the years Vicky has been active in community theatre and has performed in musical productions in Frankfort and Shelbyville as well as at a competition in Miami, Florida. She won the Rocking Horse Poetry Competition two years running while at Ball State University and had a short story and poem published in a college anthology.

Vicky said that both she and Phil look forward to the 130th celebration of Lees which will be held on October 25th and 26th on the Lees College Campus of HCTC.