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Teach with Blackboard

We utilize Blackboard as our learning management system, not just for online courses, but as a means for instructors to share information, gather assignments and manage discussions with students.  High school instructors should be using it as the learning management system for its concurrent enrollment courses.  This will give high school students the same experience as students who are taking the course at the college. 

We are working with KDE to provide concurrent enrollment instructors with assistance and professional development to utilize Blackboard for your dual enrollment course. As a starting point, please take our short web-based Foundational Computer Skills For Online Learning course to make sure you have the foundational skills and equipment to teach online. 

This table outlines the browser requirements for Blackboard access. 

Brand of Browser Desktop Browser Versions Mobile and Tablet Browser Versions
Android Browser Not available  4+ 
Chrome 56+  56+ 
Edge 30+  30+ 
Firefox 50+  Unsupported 
Internet Explorer Unsupported  Unsupported 
Safari 11+  11+