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Select from the online program credentials below to view information about the program. Those credentials that are also available in the Learn on Demand format will have LoD beside the credential.

Associates Degrees

Associate in Arts
Associate in Science

Associates in Applied Science (AAS) Degree, Diploma, and Certificates

Business Administration Systems [52.0201]
  • Management Track (AAS)
  • Small Business Management (Diploma)
  • Advanced Business Administration (Certificate)
  • Business Transfer (Certificate)
  • Financial Perspectives (Certificate)
  • General Business (Certificate)
  • Hospitality Management (Certificate)
  • Management (Certificate)
  • Small Business Management (Certificate)
  • Supervisory Management (Certificate)
Computer & Information Technologies [11.0101]*
  • Business Software and Support Track (AAS)
  • General Studies Track (AAS, LoD)
  • Information Security Track (AAS, LoD)
  • Internet Technologies Track (AAS)
  • Network Administration Track (AAS, LoD-MicroSoft)
  • Programming Track (AAS)
  • Video Game Design Track (AAS)
  • A+ Prep (Certificate, LoD)
  • CISCO Networking Associate (Certificate)
  • CISCO Networking Enhanced (Certificate)
  • CIT Fundamentals (Certificate, LoD)
  • Computer Support Technician (Certificate)
  • Computer Tech Basic (Certificate, LoD)
  • Computer Technician (Certificate, LoD)
  • Information Security Specialist (Certificate, LoD)
  • Microsoft Enterprise Administrator (Certificate, LoD)
  • Microsoft Network Administrator (Certificate, LoD)
  • Mobile Apps Developer (Certificate)
  • Net+ Prep (Certificate, LoD)
  • Network Technologies Specialist (Certificate, LoD)
  • Productivity Software Specialist (Certificate)
  • Programming (Certificate, LoD)
  • Security+ Prep (Certificate, LoD)
  • Social Media Specialist (Certificate)
  • Web Administration (Certificate)
  • Web Programming (Certificate
Criminal Justice [43.0103]*
  • Corrections Track (AAS)
  • Criminal Justice Track (AAS)
  • Law Enforcement Track (AAS)
  • Security and Loss Prevention Track (AAS)
  • Computer Forensics (Certificate)
Health Information Technology [51.0707]

(Selective admissions program ONLY - Practicums are arranged on-site in student vicinity)

  • Health Information Technology - General Track (AAS)
  • Medical Record Coding Specialist (Certificate)
  • Release of Information Data Specialist (Certificate)
Human Services [44.0000]

(Practicums\Clinicals\Observations are arranged on-site in student vicinity)

  • Human Services (AAS)
  • Aging Services (Certificate)
  • Client Service Coordinator (Certificate)
  • Direct Support Work (Certificate)
  • Psychiatric Mental Health Technician (Certificate)
  • Recovery Coach (Certificate)
Interdisciplinary Early Childhood Education [19.0709]

(Practicums\Clinicals\Observations are arranged on-site in student vicinity)

  • Interdisciplinary Early Childhood Education (AAS)
  • Child Care Assistant (Certificate)
  • Early Childhood Administrator (Certificate)
  • Kentucky Child Care Provider (Certificate)
  • School Age Child Care (Certificate)
Medical Information Technology [51.0716]*

(Practicums are arranged on-site in student vicinity)

  • Electronic Medical Records Track (AAS, LoD)
  • Medical Administrative Track (AAS)
  • Medical Coding Track (AAS, LoD)
  • Medical Office Management Track (AAS)
  • Medical Transcription Track (AAS, LoD)
  • Medical Administrative Assistant (Diploma)
  • Medical Records Specialist (Diploma)
  • Electronic Health Records Specialist (Certificate, LoD)
  • Hospital Admissions Clerk (Certificate)
  • Medical Coding (Certificate, LoD)
  • Medical Receptionist (Certificate)
  • Medical Scribe (Certificate)
  • Medical Transcriptionist (Certificate, LoD)
  • Medical Unit Coordinator (Certificate)
Unmanned Systems Technology [47.0609]
  • Advanced Drone Operator Track (AAS)
  • First Responder Specialist Track (AAS)
  • Unmanned Systems Technician Track (AAS)
  • GIS/Unmanned systems Specialist Track (AAS)
  • Drone Operator Specialist (Certificate)
  • First Responder specialist (Certificate)
  • GIS/Unmanned Systems Specialist (Certificate)
  • Remote Drone Pilot (Certificate)
Visual Communications Multimedia [10.0304]
  • Digital Design Track (AAS)
  • Multimedia Track (AAS)
  • Video Production Track (AAS)
  • Web Design Track (AAS)
  • Audio Production (Certificate)
  • Digital Design (Certificate)
  • Multimedia (Certificate)
  • Video Production (Certificate)
  • Web Design (Certificate)

Certificate ONLY Programs


*This program has many courses available in the Learn on Demand format.