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Am I Ready for Online?

You may wonder if you are ready for online learning?

If you are interested in the idea of online learning, but you still aren't sure if online learning is the right solution for you, think about what it offers. You know it's convenient, you know it can offer a quality learning experience, and you know it provides flexibility for you to complete your coursework anytime, day or night.

But you may wonder if you can really succeed without being in a traditional, face-to-face classroom setting. There are many ways to determine if you can complete your education and obtain the skills you need to obtain a job, upgrade skills, or be promoted into a new position at your workplace. With online learning there are multiple avenues to receive a quality education.

Online Learning Orientation and Self-Assessment

Some students prefer the independence of online courses; others find it uncomfortable. While you have greater freedom of scheduling, they require more self-discipline than on-campus courses. The individual student must take responsibility for regularly contacting other students and the instructor.