2015-2016 Ambassadors | HCTC

2015-2016 Student Ambassadors

Student Ambassador Kristin Baker


"Im enrolled at HCTC and UK. I really appreciate the oppoutunities presented to
me and my chance to give back."

Kristin Baker




Student Ambassador Brack Allen

"The Leslie County Center of HCTC and the Kentucky School of Bluegrass and
Traditional Music allows me to further my education in music which is something
I really love."

Brack Allen, Jr.




Student Ambassador Lindsey Branson


"Enrolling at HCTC has been one of the best decisions I have ever made because I
can get all the classes I need here at home for an affordable price."

Lindsey Branson




Student Ambassador Angela Brown



"I enrolled at HCTC because i wanted to get a good education and it's close to home."

Angela Brown





Student Ambassador Sonya Fields


"I really enjoy the amosphere of the college--it is a very pleasant environment
with great students and faculty. The faculty members here are very approachable
and are always available to assist you in any way."

Sonya Fields




Student Ambassador Jennifer Mcintryre

"I decided to attend HCTC because i wanted to better myself, make my children proud, and get a degree that i could use to help others and better my community. I also knew HCTC would provide me with the convenience that I needed to be able to attend college." Jennifer McIntyre





Student Ambassador Sarah Mullins


"I like being a Student Ambassador because I like knowing that I can help represent
the school and reach out to others at HCTC and the community."

Sarah Mullins




Student Ambassador Pheyton Smallwood


"I am glad to be a Student Ambassador because I like giving back to my community."

Pheyton Smallwood





Student Ambassador Andera Stidham


"Dual Credit classes changed my life. I got so much work done.
I graduated from high school with 21 college credits."

Andera Stidham





Student Ambassador Trey Pelfrey



"I like attending HCTC because it's convenient, affordable, and the class sizes are small."

Alex Pelfrey




Frances Watts Student Ambassador



"I wanted to be a Student Ambassador because I want to help people and I want
get involved."

Frances Watts