What is the GED?
The GED is recognized by employers and colleges as the equivalent of a high school diploma.

Where can I get my GED?
At any Adult Education Center.

What are the steps I need to follow in order to be eligible to take the official GED exam?

  1. Student will fill out registration information at any ABE site. Student will be orientated to the services available and set short and long term goals with the instructor.

  2. A TABE (Test of Adult Basic Education) Locator will be given to each new student. This is a short assessment in math, language, and reading. This will determine what level of specific TABE assessment to take.

  3. Student will take a battery of TABE tests in order to determine whether the student is ready to take the OPT (Official Practice Test). Each TABE will take approximately one hour.

  4. If the instructor determines that the student is not ready to take the OPT, then the student will receive one on one tutoring and use the computer program PLATO until their skill level is brought up.

  5. PLATO is a national on line program that students can access both here and at home to help tutor them in each subject area until they are ready for the OPT.

  6. The OPT is given when the student has scored sufficiently on the TABE assessment. The OPT can be taken on paper or on the computer. It usually takes around four hours to complete. Students are required to pass all parts of the OPT with an average of 450 in order to take the actual GED test.

  7. The actual GED test is given once a month. It is given on two consecutive nights and usually lasts four hours each night.

What is the GED checklist?

  1. Student must take an OPT (Official Practice Test) given by the Adult Education Staff and pass all parts in order to be eligible to take the GED.
  2. Student must have all paperwork that is required to take the GED completed and must have paid for the test in the business office, in most cases a week prior to the test date in order to be eligible. Full test cost: $50. The fee covers all five parts of the GED Tests taken at one test session (a test session may be one day or over two days). There are three sub-sessions to the test administered with separate directions: 1) Language Arts Writing, 2) Math or 3) Social Studies, Science and Language Arts Reading. When a student is re-testing they will pay per sub-session with the caveat that if they have to re-test on more than two sub-sessions the fee will not exceed the initial fee of $50. If student fails any part of the test and would like to take that part over the following month, they must come to the Adult Education Center/GED lab at the college to review in that subject area and pass the practice test again in order to be eligible to re-take the official test.
  3. Student must have a valid photo I.D. to present on test day. Photo I.D. must have legal name, birthday, and address and correspond correctly to paperwork in file. The test administrator must be able to read the document.

Where can I get a copy of my GED scores and/or certificate?

Kentucky Adult Education
Council on Post-secondary Education
1024 Capital Center Drive, Suite 250
Frankfort, KY 40601

Transcripts of scores are $10.00, diplomas are $25.00. Transcripts can be ordered online at

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