Volunteer Opportunities

Would YOU like to help your community, meet cool people, learn new skills, and make important connections? Volunteering with civic projects is a great way to do all of that! Not only will it look good on a resume, but it'll make you FEEL Great!! Check out these great opportunities happening in April, and watch for our May newsletter!!

Appalachian Service Project

Hands-on Opp: Volunteers will spend time in Chavies, immersing themselves in the volunteer lifestyle. Not only will volunteers help ASP repair certain on-site (i.e. at ASP s main office) issues, but will have the option of venturing out to various housing locations to aid resident volunteers repair severe and moderate damages to homes across the region.

Clerical Opp: Interact with and present information regarding your community and perceptions of community service to visiting resident volunteers. Exchange cultural points of reference and help augment the perception of your region while immersing yourself in an environment of volunteerism. An excellent learning opportunity for all involved.

Contact Karissa @ kychavies@asphome.org and/or (606) 887-0741.

Bobby Davis Museum & Park

Hands-on opportunities: raking, pruning and watering the herb garden, tidying storage spaces, sweeping interior and exterior spaces, picking up litter from park grounds. Transferring VHS cassettes to DVDs. Necessary equipment provided.

Clerical opportunity: collaborate with museum director in producing museum s first E-Zine.
Contact Martha Quigley @ (606) 439-4325.


Hospice is one of Hazard s most versatile volunteer venues. Opportunities range from event planning, playing music, and caretaking to making phone calls and organizing books. The following opportunities, though diverse, represent only a fraction of available activities.

  • Companionship. Work directly with the patient and family. This may take place in the home, nursing home, inpatient unit or other facility.
  • Respite. Stay with the patient while the caregiver runs errands, rests, attends appointments or takes a break. This can be a one-time event or an ongoing placement.
  • Nursing Home. Work with Hospice patients as companions, respite, 11th hour and special events such as birthday planning.
  • Pediatric. Assist with pediatric patients and families.
  • 11th Hour. *Extra training required* Sit with a patient who is actively dying. This program is often utilized when a patient has no family or friends available during the last hours of life. This can also be used if the family needs extra support.
  • Office. Assist with performing a variety of tasks, such as filing, stuffing envelopes and addressing letters, making copies and/or entering data.
  • Care Calls. A select group of volunteers who calls and checks on the patient and asks about supplies, medicines, and equipment. This is done each Thursday to ensure that patients have what they need before the weekend.
  • Library. The Hospice office has a small library that periodically needs to be sorted, straightened, and re-categorized.
  • Specialized Volunteers. This group of volunteers would use their own skills to enhance the life of a patient. Examples of skill sets include: beautician/barbering, carpentry, massage therapy, pet therapy, financial planning.
  • Transportation. Use personal vehicle to transport a patient and/or caregiver to an appointment for medical treatment or other special activities.
  • Meal. Prepare meals for patients and families.
  • Stitching. This is an individual or group who sews pillows, neck pillows, blankets, quilts, throws or other items for patients and families.
  • Handyman. Minor in-home repair.
  • Yard Work. Mowing lawns, gardening, leaf removal, etc.


  • Receptionist Desk. Greet and assist patients as well as families who visit the unit. Typically short shifts, 2-4 hours long.
  • Singers and Musicians. Sing and play music for patients and families.
  • General Helpers. Sort and stock supplies for PTs, families, and staff. This opportunity is on an as needed basis.
  • Admissions Baskets. Prepare welcome baskets. Contents may include pens, journals, calming literature, easy listening CDs, etc.
  • Friends with Flowers. Pick up and arrange donated flowers for patient and family rooms.
  • Quilters. Individuals or groups who make lap quilts, Afghans, throws, etc. and donate them.
  • Snack Helpers. Care Cart, create lists of needs, make schedules so donations are regular, stock and sort to keep dates fresh, write and mail personal Thank You notes to groups who donate things.
  • Birthday in a Bag. Have everything ready to produce an instant birthday party. Gather and collect items such as streamers, cards, hats, horns, etc. This could also be done for anniversaries.

For more information please call Linda at (606) 439-2111 or 1-800-560-1101.

Housing Issues

Volunteering for a cause like precarious or inadequate housing immerses you in pressing community issues and offers you the opportunity to aid those affected in concrete ways. Homelessness isn t the only housing issue facing our community. Inadequate housing is rampant and the needs of those living in dire situations are difficult to meet with a small number of volunteers. Seize the following opportunities ASAP and help those who are not in a position to effectively help themselves.

Breathitt County Community House Raising

April 12th, 15th, and 16th from 8 AM until 4 PM. People can volunteer for whatever amount of time they would like. No experience is needed as our carpenters will be on site to guide the project plans. There is no cost for the volunteers. Each volunteer will receive a t-shirt as part of our appreciation.

We will build the floors, walls, roof, and porches of a 30 x 60 home for a family of 12. It s a widowed mother who husband died only a few months ago.

Mentoring Program

The HCTC Mentoring Program will assist new students with transition to college life, assist them during difficult times, provide them with guidance and advice, and will ultimately help them make their college experience more successful and satisfying.

For more information view the Mentoring Booklet (PDF)

Nature needs help, too.

Perform your service learning in the midst of one the most beautiful landscapes in America. Buckhorn State Park needs volunteers to help with the following tasks.

  • Help redo the garden beds in the main campground and recreation area, planting native species where non-natives currently sit. A date has not been set for this job yet but it will hopefully occur in April.
  • For moderate-advanced hikers. Volunteers will walk the Stillhouse Mtn Trail, clear it of unnecessary brush and fallen tree limbs, and note any large scale improvements that need to be done such as replacing stairs.
  • Help paint posts, benches, and sheds. Lots to do and if you bring some friends it ll probably be a pretty good time. This volunteer job won t start until the weather gets warmer and dryer. Expected start date: sometime late February to early March.
  • Help organize and account for all the items in the newly restocked water safety item and sign inventory. This is an easy job but requires warmer weather. Stay tuned for start date.
  • Come out and take photos of the lake and recreation areas. Volunteers must have their own camera/equipment. Photos taken must be able to be used by the Army Corps of Engineers on their publications, website, and Facebook pages. Credit will be given to the photographer in all cases.

Contact Ranger Bachelder @ samantha.k.bachelder@usace.army.mil and/or (606) 398-7251.

The Rising Center

The Rising CenterThe Rising Center provides an array of services to adult and child victims of sexual assault in KRCC s eight county area. In doing so, it works closely with local health service agencies, criminal justice systems, and social service agencies to ensure a coordinated system of reliable and appropriate care. Our goal is to work alongside every day community volunteers to eradicate sexual violence through service, activism, and awareness. Volunteer opportunities include but are not limited to:

Volunteer Medical Advocacy- Volunteers respond to calls from our local emergency rooms to provide support to recent survivors of sexual assault, as well as friends or family members who may also be present in the hospital setting. Medical advocates can give information on the hospital process, and offer follow up counseling services from The Rising Center. Our advocates work alongside medical professionals and law enforcement as part of the Sexual Assault Response Team (SART).

Office Assistance- Volunteers help keep our Hazard center running by helping to answer business phones, greet clients at the door, file and distribute collected donations.

Outreach Assistance- Volunteers staff booths and tables at community awareness events, festivals, and celebrations to promote awareness about sexual violence and the services provided by The Rising Center. Information packets and other items are distributed to clinics, hospitals, health departments or other areas the volunteers feel they are needed.

Note: Volunteers receive 40 hours of state-mandated training, plus continuing education opportunities, supervision, and support. This training is set up with busy individuals in mind. Training times can be tailored to potential volunteer s schedule.

For more information contact Heather Caudill at (606)436-5761 ext. 7809 or heather.caudill@krccnet.com