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Technology Solutions Support

Our Technology Solutions staff is here to offer technical support at all campus locations. You can contact us via email at or call (606) 487-3473.

Student Accounts

User Account Center

Note: User account credentials (username and/or password) cannot be given over the phone or via email. If you are having difficulty accessing your account information please visit the KCTCS User Account Center online or a HCTC campus location for in-person assistance.

When will I get my new student email account?

  • Students will get email access 24-48 hours (2 business days; weekends and holidays are excluded) after enrolling in a regular college credit class.
  • You will have access to Peoplesoft during this time.

How long will my student email account remain active?

  • A student email account is only active one semester after the last semester that they attended classes.
  • If you attend in the spring and do not attend in the fall your account will be deleted at the end of the fall semester.
  • If you attend in the fall and not in the spring then the account will be deleted at the end of the spring term.
  • Once the account is deleted the information cannot be recovered.

Technology Solutions Policies

Computer Usage Policy
Information Technology Responsible Use
KCTCS Copyright Guidelines
Student Email
Student Printing